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“Recruiters only care about money.”

But what if you don’t fit this lazy stereotype?

A manager might occasionally moan about your ‘BD numbers’. Your natural inclination is to not want to compromise quality for speed – but the nature of contingency forces your hand.

At Talent Works International, we don’t do necessary evils. Instead of the chaos of contingency, we do RPO and exec search. We work on projects where our clients pay us to deliver – instead of suggesting they might pay if we’re quicker than somebody else.

This is a great place to expand your understanding of the world of recruitment.

Working client side, you’ll witness their needs and challenges firsthand – so you’re better equipped to manage those challenges in future. We don’t do ‘market specialists’ – which means you’ll work across a range of roles and industries. Our model develops adaptable, well-rounded recruiters who can turn their hand to almost any job.

You’ll work onsite like an internal recruiter, or in our Northampton offices. You can tell there’s no BD here because the vibe is relaxed. There are no financial targets either. You’ll be measured on your fill rates, client satisfaction and other things directly related to your work.

You’ll also gain a wider perspective into what makes a good recruitment marketing campaign, and you can influence and guide your colleagues into doing the things that bring them closer to meeting their hiring goals. We have a Branding and Insight division in our Manchester offices who will help you do this, so you’ll have shared knowledge and resources to tap into.

Speaking of marketing, your ability to attract the right candidates will be further strengthened by the fact that you’ll always be able to reveal who your client is. You’ll use a range of sourcing techniques, including talent pooling and occasionally managing agencies.

This is an environment that likes to collaborate, not compete. That means people genuinely like each other, no petty politics or rowing over clients or candidates. It helps that no one’s working on commission. We’ll support your growth, development, and personal goals – because we recognise the impact this has on the sum of all our parts.

If you’ve been working for an agency successfully for a couple of years and starting to think you could do with catching a break from the daily kick-in-the-face you get from contingency, you should apply. We do things differently here. Or you might have spent the last couple of years working on an RPO or framework agreement and are starting to find the work quite tedious.

Don’t worry if your CV isn’t up to date, just send us what you have. Or, if you prefer, you can just send us a link to your LinkedIn profile.

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