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Recruitment businesses are all the same.

Just look around. Your desk buddy reads a job description out loud while ‘umming’, ‘ahhing’ and twiddling their vape pen, eager for their next break. A vacant chair sits opposite. Someone’s hiding in the toilet on their phone, again.

Then there’s you.

If you weren’t held back, you could probably do a lot more. But everything is siloed off. Even your clients don’t want to collaborate – despite it often being in their best interest.

And when you look around, you see a minefield. Lots of recruitment businesses ‘talking the talk’, then working the same as everyone else. You can’t help but wonder if there’s something better than moving goalposts, meaningless KPIs and clients working against you, not with you.

Instead of working on ‘potluck’ – where placements leave you equal parts elated, drained and relieved – why not work somewhere where you’ll get credit for your work and earn decent money – every month? Somewhere that sees the value in candidates. Where you’re expected to fill your roles, not gamble on them.

At Talent Works International, not only do we give contingency a miss, we make RPO better. We do this by intimately understanding our clients, so all angles are considered – then build the right kinds of candidate attraction campaigns. You’ll use social media, talent pooling and other sourcing strategies to get the job done – including sometimes managing agencies.

You can mention the hiring company’s name and have honest conversations without any pointless political manoeuvring. This makes candidates more receptive to being approached so you can build proper relationships.

You’ll fill almost every vacancy you work on, which means, like working internal, there’s nowhere to hide. You’ll be fully accountable – and this will make you a better recruiter. This is probably your biggest career driver and the reason you’re reading this.

We’ll also support your growth, development and personal goals because we recognise the impact this has on the entire business.

There’s no commission, so your next meal won’t depend on your next placement. This makes colleague relationships more supportive and collaborative because everyone is working towards shared goals.

When you scratch the surface, most recruiters are doing the same thing. But we’re not. And you don’t have to either. You can choose a better quality of work-life, which will make you better at your work.

Apply, and let us show you how that looks.

Don’t worry if your CV isn’t up to date, just send us what you have. Or, if you prefer, you can just send us a link to your LinkedIn profile.

Everyone will receive a response.