Senior Copywriter/Lead Creative
Competitive Salary & Benefits

We create inspiring, integrated campaigns that help employers to attract and retain the right sort of people. For an experienced copywriter, it can be thought-provoking stuff. How do you motivate the best talent in an industry to make a life-changing career move? How do you persuade someone to relocate, to rethink their career, to challenge their perceptions about how or where they do what they do? How do you talk peer-to-peer, when you individuals you are addressing are immersed in detailed technology, scientific or financial subject matter?

The answer to these questions is through the words you write. Through the messages you identify, through the propositions you articulate, through the ideas you generate and through the copy you craft.

Like we said, thought-provoking stuff – especially if you’re doing this for some of the most complex employers on the planet.

Talent Works International specialises in talent communications, helping employers worldwide to create open, engaging career conversations with their talent communities. Our approach is insight-led: build employer brand identity, be creative through our campaigns, take the right messages to market through the right channels.

About the role

For our clients, and for our business, the quality of our copywriting is essential. We’re looking for a proven writer who can operate as a lead creative through the creative process. You’ll be able to digest research results, interrogate a brief, build messaging frameworks and create campaign concepts that really push clients to think differently. Above all, you’ll be able to get your work presentation-ready, putting it in front of clients yourself with a passion, intelligence and insight that makes them want to see more.

Here, you will write everything from an inspiring ad for a single role to a script for radio or animation. You’ll get involved in storyboarding films, writing taglines for employer brand identities, as well as conceptualising and creating integrated global campaigns. You need to be happy generating original copy and ideas by yourself, while also enjoying the opportunities to work as part of a team with Art Directors, Designers, Motion Graphics specialists, Developers and Project Managers. You’ll also be comfortable working on international clients for our office in US, building those relationships, gaining an understanding of their clients and delivering really high-quality work.

About you

You need to be an experienced, versatile writer with an ear for client tone of voice and a sharp eye for an original headline.  You need a portfolio that demonstrates your ability to generate fresh ideas, write great headlines, craft longer copy and adapt messages for different audiences, media or locations. Great customer service skills are vital too. Talking to Client Service, bringing a brief to life, challenging other creatives to think differently – it will all be second nature to you.

If you’ve won a few awards in your time, so much the better.

To apply, please e-mail your CV or portfolio to