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Ever felt your job is a bit like dating?

Awkward calls. To-ing and fro-ing. No one really knows where they stand.

That, but recruitment.

Evasive clients. Getting ghosted all the time. Keep trying to squeeze you on fees.

You know the best part about dating? When it ends. When you meet someone good, and don’t have to do it anymore. Communication is great. No more disasters or disappointment. And you can activate your smug glow.

We thought recruitment needed some of that. Only here, when your partner’s satisfied and you get the job done, you move onto the next one.

At Talent Works International, that’s our business model and it’ll be your job to manage the end-to-end recruitment process. Just without the incessant BD, bell ringing or ghosting.

Like in dating where conversations are key, you’ll build strong relationships with your clients and craft hiring strategies that work. You’ll be an internal stakeholder, building trust and providing guidance – a supportive, two-way relationship where both partners get equal share of the satisfaction. Your client gets their roles filled quickly and effectively. And you get to learn to be a better recruiter because you’ll be filling every vacancy you work on.

You’re probably looking to get away from the standard recruitment agency model. Maybe you want something a lot more strategic – where you can use your skills to deliver the kind of service to Hiring Managers that you’d want to receive yourself.

Here, you’re guaranteed client commitment because the expectations are set before the project even starts. That means you’ll own all your client relationships and your team (both internal and client side) will support you – rather than compete with you.

Although you’ll have targets to meet, traditional agency this is not. You won’t shy away from the pressure that can sometimes come from demanding hiring managers. You’ll have the kind of negotiation skills that would make Liam Neeson proud.

You’ll learn heaps about recruitment from your peers, who love sharing what they’ve learnt by doing a similar job. Whether you’re here for 3 years or 10, you’ll be a better recruiter at the end. This is a supportive work environment, with no petty squabbles over client or candidate ownership.

If your goal is to hit big commission cheques, this isn’t for you. But if you’re in it for the relationships, satisfaction, knowledge and influence – send us the first message. No CV required.

You’ll get a response, no matter how cheesy the pickup line.