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Who knew it could be so difficult to find someone who wants a job?

Most recruiters say you just have to type the right keywords and get lucky.

If you believe them, you might find your searches are flatlining. You’re seeing the same candidate names, no matter what Boolean you string together – and your longlist is looking more like a shortlist. But only in length.

After a few years working the same market, it starts to feel a bit like Groundhog Day.

Wouldn’t it be better to work with clients who see you as an extended part of their team? Where you’re not being played-off against someone else to the detriment of everyone? And where you’re expected not to rush, but to do the job right?

Here at Talent Works, we’re changing the record.

You’ll be finding and screening candidates for our executive search and RPO clients, fully immersing yourself as part of their team.

We think a breadth of experience will help you to become a better recruiter – so you’ll get variety in your day-to-day, working across different clients, roles and markets.

Rather than relying on job boards, you’ll be more the proactive type. You’ll have built some talent pools and you’ll be using better job marketing for all your client campaigns – all of which will be helped by the fact you don’t have to hide the identity of the hiring company.

With fill rates over 80%, you’re expected to get the job done – however that may look. Sourcing can be a time sensitive and pressured, so you should be comfortable with those conditions.

We’ll also support your growth, development, and personal goals because we recognise the impact this has on the sum of all our parts.

This is recruiting to get stuck into. A chance to stop doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.

If you want to become a better recruiter, get in touch.

Don’t worry if your CV isn’t up to date, just send us what you have. Or, if you prefer, you can just send us your LinkedIn profile.

Everyone will receive a response.