Never before have multi-generational workforce challenges been so complex. To help employers like you unlock the potential of each generation, and manage each generation in a way that drives performance, innovation and teamwork, Talent Works is launching an original programme of research and we’d like to give you the chance to get involved – to take advantage of all that we discover and to help shape the research agenda.

Very little is understood about how multiple generations interact in the workplace.

What unites and divides the generations?
What is each generation’s understanding of the ideal employer, and the ideal employee?
What is each generation’s take on the ideal workplace environment, and culture?
What does each generation want from an onboarding programme?
How does each generation prefer to communicate in the workplace?
How do job hunters from each generation use information sources and what influences them?

But only by knowing the answer to questions like these can employers understand how to unlock the potential of each generation and how to manage each in a way that drives performance, innovation and teamwork. This is where Talent Works comes in. Using only the most robust and credible methodologies, we’ll address all the above. We’ll also make a point of discovering how an ageing workforce is disrupting the workplace with new challenges. We’ll discover:

  • How training opportunities can be made more attractive for older workers
  • Why staff take early retirement
  • How older workers can be persuaded to remain in or return to the workplace

There’s also the opportunity to help shape the research agenda by submitting questions or sponsoring topics for investigation.