Discover how to build and position an authentic employer brand

There’s a lot of talk about employer brands. It’s easy to over-complicate them. Easy to get too focused on brand science and forget what this is really all about.

That’s where we come in. To make it simpler and within your reach.


Within 15-minute slots, we are offering an honest critique of your employer brand, giving recommendations to suit any budget.

What better way to open the door to these opportunities than by having a customized on the spot evaluation?

HR Live/Ted Talk featuring Jody Robie

Talent Works International’s Senior Vice President, North America, will be hosting an informative presentation and discussion on Wednesday from 12:10-12:20, on the topic of Developing a T.R.U.E Employer Brand. She will bring that acronym to life, showing how vital it is to create an employer brand that is authentic, distinctive and unique.

You’re invited to join her there to hear her speak and to meet with her afterwards – bring any questions you may have! Feel free to reserve some of her time using one of the time slots above.

Keen to find out more about what we do as a business and see more of it in practice?