Akamai: Capturing Tech Talent

Enhancing the Akamai candidate experience meant rebranding their employer communications, from animated attraction campaigns through to onboarding, induction and intranet presence. Our partnership with Akamai has covered several different areas – Internal Movement, Onboarding, University Relations and ATA. We’ve produced work that has spanned across the globe, covering the US, Costa Rica, India, Poland, UK, and Japan. Across all campaigns we found that our engagement and use of digital was a real success.

For the Akamai Technical Academy campaign we were up against it to fill 30 tech roles in Poland, within a 4-week period. We used a media plan, which included retargeting at each stage of the process. Those who had reached the landing page were retargeted in search listings. The emphasis for this campaign was on getting applications from people with an interest in technology, but there was no requirement to have extensive industry experience. This led us to a creative approach based on targeting approachable, diverse characters and those without technical language abilities. This allowed us to place the emphasis on the personality attributes that are required to work at Akamai.

It’s easier now than ever for Akamai employees and management to have all the information they need to be successfully onboarded, retained and to take the next step in their career.

Services:  Employer Brand, Creative, Sourcing, Media Planning, Programmatic, Web Development, Recruitment, Paid Social Media, Facebook Canvas

Year: 2017-2018

ATA results – 4 week period


Media Impressions


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Created animations to drive traffic to our dedicated landing page.

Designed and built campaign specific Facebook canvases to capture applications.