Amadeus: Building the momentum across the globe

Following on from the success of our Developer campaign, we worked on creating the same buzz for tech roles in several global locations as part of our flexible RPO model. The challenge: The Technology Platforms & Engineering (TPE) division is new to Amadeus. There isn’t a lot of awareness around Technology Platforms & Engineering (TPE), or around Amadeus as a tech prospect, and we needed to change this.

Our task here was to position Amadeus, and specifically the Technology Platforms & Engineering (TPE) division, as a leading tech proposition for prospective candidates. Technology Platforms & Engineering (TPE) is all about creating the technical platforms and powering journeys across the world, and that’s the message we needed to share. We did this using a digital attraction strategy for each market, a GDPR conversion orientated microsite and several segmented media campaigns to cover the six locations.

We also created animations to capture the different selling points of Technology Platforms & Engineering (TPE), and then pushed these out as part of the targeted media plan.

Services: Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Sourcing, Creating, Web Development, Recruitment Marketing, Employer Brand, Digital

Year: 2018

This campaign is currently live, and here is a snapshot of the figures so far.


Impressions April-June


Facebook Canvas impressions April-June

Attracting Developers to London Heathrow

Attracting Developers to London Heathrow