Asahi: TalentMode RPO

We’ve supported Asahi using our TalentMode RPO model: Recruiting all roles within the UK to support their internal TA team, while supporting this with campaigns for high volume roles across the business – including a tailored campaign for a Field Portfolio Manager in Barcelona. The emphasis has been to create a stronger identity for Asahi and to increase awareness of Asahi as an employer, while setting the tone for joining an exciting emerging force in the UK. We conducted several focus groups and established that the Asahi employer brand was lacking in definition, and despite boasting all of the qualities of a premium career prospect, this wasn’t being communicated beyond the four walls.

Our challenge was therefore to create a recognisable, bold and confident Asahi brand – one that houses a message that will resonate with the right people, and one that is also a true reflection of the Asahi culture. To do this, we created a range of animations, placing the emphasis on Asahi Super Dry and building up awareness for the entire premium portfolio of beers. Through our most recent campaign solution we’ve created an engaging, interactive landing page, animation and media campaign to recruit Account Development Managers across the country.

Services: Talent Mode RPO, Employer Brand, Focus Groups, Creative, Sourcing, Media Planning, Programmatic, Web Development, Recruitment, Paid Social Media, Facebook Canvas

Year: 2017-2018




Hires per year


days source to hire

Designed and built campaign specific Facebook canvases to capture applications.

Created animations for social media to drive traffic to our dedicated landing page