Post Office

The Post Office approached us when they were experiencing difficulty recruiting for Security roles. They wanted to understand whether there was a sufficient supply of the right talent in a realistic commute of their Chesterfield office, the preferred location, or whether these roles needed to be placed in their London office to ensure the best applicants.

Using desk research, we were able to identify the current level of relevant talent, as well as pinpoint the top companies employing these candidates. We also looked at realistic commuting distances, salary comparison data and the wider market. We were able to examine and share current vacancy insights for the business department and the wider market.

We provided a range of short, medium and long-term recommendations based on our findings. Our suggestions were framed around being mindful of what competitors are offering, external perception and creating brand ambassadors within the business to alter opinions.

Services:  Employer Brand, Competitor Research, Talent Mapping 

Year: 2017