Talent Works International is a talent communications agency that focuses on deploying expertise to the world’s most innovative employers across the globe. We combine our Sourcing, Brand & Insight and Creative service areas as needed to deliver results. Whether it’s attraction campaigns, employer branding, digital marketing, video, candidate mapping, direct sourcing or any other service, we work with your business requirements to deliver exactly what you need and guide you through the process of selection.

We provide a flexible RPO solution, TalentMode, to support your internal teams on a short-term and adaptable basis, dialing up and down as appropriate to your business.

I’ll be visiting several locations in the coming weeks and would love to discuss this in person. I’ll be in:

  • NYC – in the next few weeks
  • Atlanta – week of 3/26/18
  • San Diego – week of 4/2/18
  • Boston – our HQ is in Waltham, so I’ll be available to connect in the local area this month.

Contact me at Jody.Robie@talent-works.com to set up a time to discuss what we can do for your business.

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