The State of Tech Hiring

How can you attract the best tech talent in a competitive market?
Read our report to learn about the state of tech recruitment and how to stand out in a new era of work.

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The tech recruitment landscape is changing rapidly and talent is in huge demand. We’ve put together a report which gives an overview of the talent market in various US tech hubs, as well as insight into candidate expectations and strategies for success. Our aim is to help you navigate the tech landscape and gain a competitive advantage in the race for talent.

Read our report today to start connecting with the best tech talent.

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Here are our top tips. If you want more insight like this, download our report.

Define your search

Know what you’re looking for before you start looking

Case Studies

How our strategies have transformed new and established employer brands

Speak their language

Become fluent in the different types of tech talent.

Go beyond code

If you want to engage tech talent, you need to understand them as people

Create great UX

Different types of developers need different candidate experiences

Sourcing How to retain tech talent

Competition is fierce, holding on to you employees is as important as hiring