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IPS Grow is a partnership programme led by Social Finance and funded by NHS England. It supports the national expansion of Individual Placement & Support (IPS) across secondary mental healthcare services. IPS is internationally recognised as the most effective approach to supporting people with severe mental health difficulties find and keep the right employment.

The IPS sector in the UK is at a turning point. NHS England is committing to expanding access to employment support within the mental health system over the next 10 years. They now have targets to increase the number of employment specialists working in the UK significantly over the next 4 years, starting with doubling the number by the end of 2020.

450 employment specialists by end of 2020
1500 employment specialists by 2024

The Solution

IPS Grow engaged with Talent Works to help them to define their EVP, explaining what they do, what the role of employment specialist entails and how rewarding the role can be.

Talent Works conducted in-depth research, to uncover what IPS employment specialists do, their backgrounds and how the role could be perceived externally. We found IPS employment experts did much more than finding people jobs; they acted as councillors, support workers and employment experts. Most of all, they had the potential to change lives.

Our creative team then translated this into a concept, showcasing the impact you could have on someone’s life without specific qualifications or experience. The emotional and meaningful power of this campaign could resonate with people from all walks of life.

The overarching EVP was to be used by the NHS, Local Authorities and mental health charities including Mind that work with IPS Grow, promoting their opportunities through digital and printed assets.

Next, we hope to help IPS Grow with a media campaign that will not only help them to hire vital employment specialists where needed but will raise awareness for the life-changing work they do.

Why is it important?

70-90% of people with mental health issues would like to work, but only 37% are in paid employment. For people with severe mental illness, only 8% are employed. 

Getting back into employment can be a vital part of a recovery journey. People experiencing severe mental illness who find paid work show reduced symptoms, gain financial independence, and have improved quality of life.

IPS uses a personalised, strength-based approach which supports individuals in:

  • building relationships
  • developing skills
  • writing CVs
  • interview preparations
  • reaching out to employers directly