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How do you capture cool?

Taboola is a fast-growing content discovery platform building a reputation for creating some of the smartest social media technology around.

They asked Talent Works to create an employer brand that showed their cool side, helping them to attract the right types of people. At the heart of the proposition was a love of curiosity – the love to attract people who embrace the idea that exploring new hobbies, new passions and new ideas is a great thing to do.

The Solution

We chose to focus on docu-style imagery that really started to tell a story. The imagery is emotive, engaging and stylish – the messages showcase the idea that the passion we have for life outside work is the same passion that we bring to life inside work. Underpinning the whole brand is the tagline ‘Feed your passion’: a neat play on the idea of social media feeds and a strong message to a younger, digital generation who want to pursue all of their diverse aspirations.