Our top 7 predictions for 2017

2016 has been a big year for Talent Works. We’ve welcomed many new faces, we’ve signed with some fantastic clients, we’ve seen office moves and service launches, and we’ve watched a multitude of trends come and go along the way. From mannequin challenges to the expanse of live streaming. We’ve seen it all.

But, what comes next? We talked to a few people from the Talent Works offices to get their predictions for the biggest trends of 2017… will you agree?

1. Recruitment is increasing… everywhere

Our Senior Consultant, Amanda Harrison, predicts that we’ll start to see an increase in recruitment on the whole in 2017, with a surge in Engineering, Sales and Operations recruitment as the industry expands. Flexibility in the workplace will also play a big role over the next 12 months, with an increase in contractor roles as opposed to full-time permanent positions.

2. Innovation is key

Our Researcher Alicia Exworthy predicts that 2017 will be the year of innovation. Alicia anticipates an increase in the number and range of methods used for recruitment. Gamification, AR and VR were major emerging trends for 2016, and it’s expected that this trend is likely to continue with more innovative recruitment techniques.

3. The workplace goes remote

Emma McCormack, our Junior Copywriter, predicts that the number of people who work remotely will increase rapidly in the next 12 months. Contract and freelance employees appreciate the flexibility to work from home, or abroad, with an increase in productivity. And with the accessibility of digital, most things can be done with nothing more than a laptop. More done and more time to play with.

4. The year of company culture

Our Lead Consultant, Bex Grove, anticipates that next year culture will be the key to employee retention, bringing back the human element to recruitment. Bex predicts that 2017 is going to be the year of finally understanding the importance of a unified company culture, and actually getting to grips with defining this with a view to attract the right people and to retain them.

5. Social media is going live

Amy Calderbank, our Marketing Executive, predicts that with social users beginning to demand more “in-the-moment” content, live streaming will fully take off in 2017. Combine that with faster internet speeds and the shift to mobile, live video will become a mainstream tool for brands to stand out in a crowded social landscape.

6. Employer Branding moves in-house

Hannah Mander, Insight Consultant, predicts that in 2017 Employer Branding will become a business function in its own right. Companies will begin to focus on building an in-house employer branding team. Hannah also sees that Employer Branding and Corporate Branding will start working together, increasing the importance of good customer experience in recruitment.

7. Chatbots are going mainstream

There’s been a bit of a buzz around Chatbots of late. And our Head of Digital, Paul Newnes, envisages that 2017 will be the year they go mainstream and begin to be utilised in consumer applications within the recruitment industry too.

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