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Contingent Workforce Solutions
September, 2023 James Fallon

What are they? Talent Works’ Contingent Workforce Solutions are best-in-class, scalable models for managing your contingent ...

Talent mapping
January, 2023 James Fallon

What is it? Put simply, Talent Mapping is a continuous process of determining a company’s hiring ...

Employee Value Proposition
December, 2022 James Fallon

In a previous blog post, we defined Employee Value Proposition (EVP) as ‘the sum of all ...

Talent Attraction
November, 2022 James Fallon

What is Talent Attraction? Talent attraction is the ability of a business to attract the right ...

Internal Recruitment
November, 2022 James Fallon

What does internal recruitment mean? Internal recruitment is where a company hires from within their existing ...