We are building relationships based on hard work, integrity and honesty.

Some companies focus on perfecting one thing. We prefer a challenge. Over the years we’ve developed three service areas with an international reach. Working across several time zones, oceans and locations gives us access to the best minds across the globe. We don’t sit back and wait for change to happen.

View our story to see how we added new dimensions to our service offering and became a talent communications agency with global reach.

Our Values

Everyone has them. But what do they mean? Our core values define the heart of our agency – who we are, how we work, what we believe in and where we’re headed. A framework for our interactions with our team, clients and communities.

For us, hard-working is about more than just long days and late nights. It’s about doing our best to deliver outstanding results day in, day out. We’re relentless in our passion, our energy and our dedication;
from the smallest task to the biggest 

Supportive sums up how we treat each other and that’s one of the most important things that any business needs to get straight. We’re accessible, approachable and we help each other out. At TWI we value the importance of collaborating to get the best outcome. Two heads are always better than one.

We work in the recruitment industry. People tend to take the view that integrity is in short supply here. So, we’re proving them wrong by building our reputation on a culture of respect. Respect for each other. Respect for our clients. And respect for our suppliers and partners, whose support and help we depend on to deliver.

Right from the beginning Talent Works has been about enthusiastic, ambitious individuals working towards a shared goal. Today things are no different. What started as a big idea with a handful of employees now comprises a global team of talented people.

  • Neil Purcell
    Neil Purcell
    Global CEO
  • Simon Thomas
    Simon Thomas
    Brand & Strategy Director
  • Jody Robie
    Jody Robie
    Senior Vice President, USA
  • Daniel Birmingham
    Daniel Birmingham
    Creative Director
  • Katharine Newton
    Katharine Newton
    Head of Insight (CMRS)
  • Paul Newnes
    Paul Newnes
    Head of Digital


We do more than just communicate your employer brand. Our holistic view of resourcing enables us to deliver award-winning, measurable brand management strategies that align with your resourcing objectives and wider business goals.