Celebrating 8 years

Eight years ago Talent Works was born. Today we all came together to celebrate and reflect on the last eight years, commenting on progress we’ve made and changes that have exceeded our expectations. The day started off with cupcakes and champagne to mark the occasion. Here we look back on what has changed in eight years, in addition to the influx of new faces and new office spaces.

I spoke to a selection of people across the business, and here’s what they had to say.

1. How has TWI changed since the day you joined?

Amanda Harrison: Since I joined in August 2015, it feels like everything has changed! The one big thing that really sticks out for me, is how many talented people have joined the team over the past year and a half– the fact that we can bring on board talented, creative and unique individuals really speaks to what we offer.

Jodie Shaw: Enormously! New Northampton office, Manchester office, US office. B&I, Creative, TalentMode. So many more #talentedpeople! But it remains at heart the same business that I joined 5 years ago.

Matt Adkins: TWI has changed massively from the day I joined (in October 2011). From a small team of about 10 people in a tiny office in Central Northampton to what we have now. Back then it was purely a sourcing focused business but it quickly moved into Brand and Insight. Creative followed and with offices now in Manchester and Boston it’s a hugely varied business. The company has evolved greatly and will continue to do so. It has never been afraid of taking a risk but it puts everything it can behind its new ideas.

Jody Russell: TWI has changed massively in some ways since the first day of trading. There were 3 of us sourcing & Neil selling, our office was a very old and small converted barn on a farm (turned small business park) and we had a massive task ahead of us in order to get through our first month! So whilst the business has changed massively in terms of us now having a lovely big office (with actual heating!) and the fact that we now have, not 1 but 3 offices. The core of what we believed and wanted to achieve hasn’t actually changed!

Alicia Exworthy: I’ve been here a year and a half so far and it seems to me there’s been quite a reshuffle in that time, mainly in terms of employees, strategy and the direction the business is going in.  We’re continuing to innovate and expand whilst taking risks in order to stay competitive in the industries we operate in.

2. What do  you think this year has in store for us?

Kate Keogh: It’s going to be another challenging year with even bigger targets. More team bonding days and activities to engage the growing team.

Sophie Holt:  This this year will be exciting as we offer our RPO service and the nature of the work will change as we take on long term and large projects. This year has been harder than the previous year but taught us not to be complacent and still strive to look forward and think of the year ahead.

Marie Ashton: I think this year will be the year that really defines TWI.  We’ve spent the last 8 years building and crafting the business to get to where we are now.  New offices, new services, new people and skills and services. And now we are a week away from our RPO launch and ready to take that to the next level in 2017.

Bill Peterson: This year for TWI includes a successful launch of TalentMode and the RPO services offered.  This will grow the business exponentially.

Amanda: Exciting new RPO projects, the growth of our team and even greater recognition in the industry that we’re a force to be reckoned with!

3. Why TWI?

Xenia Hersey: Because we look at sourcing from a different perspective and give clients what they didn’t know they needed to succeed.

Tammy Davies: For me the sourcing simplicity just makes sense, the innovation and opportunity to make an impact are exciting.

Bill Peterson: TWI is committed to exceeding client expectations through a talented team providing solutions that solve problems.

Nathan Marholz: That’s easy – the smart people.

4. What cake did you pick today for the celebrations? (and why)

Kate: Malteser cake! Because it looked the most sickly.

Matt: I had the chocolate Malteser one. And I’m still suffering because of it. I chose it because chocolate. That’s all.

Jody Russell: A butterfly Victoria sponge – a classic that can’t be beaten in my eyes!

Alicia: I had a banoffee cupcake earlier. It’s one of my faves and makes me feel slightly better/healthier knowing there’s at least some fruit in there.

Tammy: I picked the banoffee cake as it looked the yummiest!

We can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for TWI and our ever-expanding team. We’ll be sure to keep you updated along the way. Want to know more about us? Follow us on social media.