8 Generation Z statistics you need to know if you’re in Recruitment

Only just caught up with the demographic known as the ‘Millennials’ or ‘Generation Y’? well there’s a new cohort in town, aptly termed ‘Generation Z.’ With typical birth dates ranging from mid-1990s to mid-2000s our first batch of Gen Z workers are about to graduate and infiltrate the UK workforce.

We’ve collated the main statistics to give HR and Recruitment professionals an insight into how best to attract and retain this new talent.

Recent Graduates are three times more likely to stay in their first job role for five or more years if their skills are fully utilised

Continuous learning and development, company culture and meaningful work are important factors to Generation Z workers. If these key objectives are met they are three times more likely to stay with their first employer for five or more years.

88% expect their first employer to provide training

With Gen Z workers being keen to continue their learning and develop additional skills, 88% expect their first employer to provide training. Role rotation programmes that allow graduates to experience many aspects of the business are becoming increasingly popular.

83% of new graduates are willing to relocate to another city or region

Gen Z workers are extremely flexible in regards to location with 83% being willing to relocate for a new role.

65% think it’s acceptable to be contacted during out of hours – more than double compared to baby boomers

As well as being flexible with location, Gen Z are also extremely accommodating when it comes to their personal time. Only 35% don’t think it’s acceptable to be contacted by their employer on evenings and weekends.

Nearly two-thirds would choose a fun, positive social atmosphere at work over salary

Although Gen Z can be flexible they expect the same from their employers in return. They’re top concern is work-life , so much so that 63% would choose an engaging employee experience over salary.

Nearly three-quarters of 2017 graduates have already completed an internship or apprenticeship

An astonishing 73% of Gen Z graduates have already completed an internship or apprenticeship before graduation which highlights their undeniable maturity. Not only that, 86% of graduates would consider taking an internship after graduation, if it would help them land a job after completion.

74% prefer to communicate with their team members face-to-face

Contrary to popular assumptions, we discovered that Gen Z prefer to interact with their team face-to-face over any other form of communication. The next was email at 18%, hardly a close second.

72% agree that employees should be allowed to use their personal phone during work hours

Unusually, Gen Z are on a similar level with Baby boomers (72%) when it comes to personal phone usage during work hours. Although, Generation X and Y are more liberal coming in at 80% and 83% respectively.

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