How candidates think in 5 statistics

LinkedIn recently conducted their annual talent survey where they asked 14,000 global professionals about their job-seeking attitudes and habits. Some of their findings were quite astounding, we’ve selected our top 5 takeaways from the report:

90% of candidates are open to new job opportunities

Unsure whether to send that message? According to LinkedIn 90% of candidates are open to new job opportunities and what’s more, 63% feel flattered when recruiters reach out to them.

Candidates want to know why they are a good fit more than company specifics

It may seem obvious but if you send a message which is personalised you are a lot more likely to gain a response. 54% of candidates want to know why the job would suit them which is on par with knowing the job title.

Candidates spend 1-2 months gathering information before applying

Changing jobs can be a big deal and therefore most candidates take time to carefully consider their options before taking the plunge. On average candidates spend between 1 – 2 months researching companies before deciding to submit their application.

Your company website is their top destination

When conducting their research, 53% of candidates’ main point of call is the company website.

Ensuring your company website is visually appealing and contains engaging career-focussed content is essential in attracting candidates. But none of that matters if your website isn’t being seen- make sure you’re publishing SEO optimized content so you show up in those all-important google searches.

Social Media plays a key role

Candidates use social media as a way of keeping up to date with companies that they are interested in. 35% of candidates say LinkedIn played a significant role in their recent job change and 49% of candidates follow companies to stay aware of upcoming vacancies.

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