Should recruitment companies be threatened by AI?

Should recruitment companies be threatened by AI?

With many developments in technology – mobile, social, cloud and big data are changing the way that we work, Artificial Intelligence is beginning to disrupt certain industries.

AI is all around you, but you may not have any awareness of it. AI is a collective term for computer systems that can sense their environment, think, learn, and take action in response to what they’re sensing and their objectives.

It is used in personal assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa. Spotify and Netflix use AI to recommend what to watch or listen to next based on your past activity.

AI for recruitment

As recruiters, should we fear AI or embrace it?

Although there are doubts, AI can help to accelerate, enhance and streamline the whole recruitment process by automating certain tasks such as checking CV’s, sending follow up emails or auto-screening candidates.

According to Undercover Recruiter, 100% of source and match tasks are automatable whereas only 20% – 24% of manage and sell tasks are automatable, so there is still need for human touch.

So why AI?

AI will accelerate hiring and therefore saving recruiters time, improving responsiveness and assisting to attract the top talent whilst collecting data.

Making life easier

Mya, is a recruiting assistant that will save your recruitment team 75% of their time.

Mya is a chatbot that applicants can communicate with, using Natural Language Processing, Mya can examine candidate data and pose relevant questions to fill the gap. Applicants in turn can ask questions such as company culture and hiring process. Whenever Mya can’t answer a question, it will ask human recruiters. The assistant constantly learns from its interactions to become more efficient at its work.

As a result of using AI for recruitment, recruiters will be able to conduct more informed and efficient hiring processes. They will be able to spend more time with candidates and make sure they are a great fit for their role. Despite shaking up the industry, AI will simply enhance this process and support recruiters.