8 Social Media Statistics you need to know if you’re in Recruitment – infographic

LinkedIn has long been known as the social media network for recruitment – but should we be including the likes of Twitter and Facebook into our social media recruitment strategy? We’ve collated our top 8 social media statistics you need to know if you’re in recruitment or talent acquisition.

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67% of candidates use Facebook compared to just 35% on Twitter

Although you’ll often see companies tweeting about live vacancies Facebook actually has more active candidates.  Recently Facebook has released the ability for company pages to post job vacancies and subsequently review the application they receive, all within Facebook.

59% of candidates use social media to research companies they are interested in

As well as reviewing information on company careers pages 59% of candidates will also check out company social channels to gain an insight into company culture and the work environment.

48% of candidates used social media in the search for their most recent job

In a study conducted by Jobvite, nearly half of candidates reported that they use social media when searching for their most recent job.

69% of active candidates are more likely to apply for a job at a company which manages its employer brand

By having a presence on social media, candidates will be more trusting of your brand. Make sure you are responding to reviews on your social media pages and Glassdoor, regularly posting and sharing updates that reflect your company values.

Facebook has more than double the number of active candidates compared to LinkedIn and Twitter

83% of candidates are active on Facebook. This is compared to 40% on Twitter and 36% on LinkedIn.

Job posts get 36% more applications if accompanied by a recruiting video

The type of content you share affects who you reach and how many applications you receive for instance, job posts get 36% more applications if accompanied by a video.

Facebook vs. LinkedIn

There are more job seekers on Facebook than on LinkedIn. However, unless you have a paid strategy, your posts are more likely to be viewed on LinkedIn compared to Facebook. Having said that, due to Facebook’s algorithm, your job postings will feature on the news feeds of people you engage with the most. By creating a loyal following and engaging with your fans your job postings have a greater chance of being viewed by people interested in your brand.

87% of recruiters use LinkedIn but only 55% use Facebook

There’s no denying that LinkedIn is saturated with recruiters going after the same candidates. On the other hand, only 55% of recruiters utilise Facebook for sourcing.

Companies with an integrated approach to talent management have an 87% greater ability to hire the best talent

**The most important statistic in this post**

There can be varying reasons as to why one social network may work more effectively than another when recruiting. An example of this is that the majority of users on Facebook are active during non-working hours, the opposite to LinkedIn. By posting on multiple social channels and having an integrated social media recruitment strategy your chances of hiring quality candidates significantly increases.

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