The Three Peaks Challenge – Meet the intrepid explorers!

This Saturday 4 members of the Talent Works team from our Northampton office will be embarking on the Three Peaks Challenge.  We’ve all been training, we’ve bought and started packing our kit (and more importantly our snacks!) so the only thing that remains for us to do is actually walk – probably easier said than done but we’ll be trekking on with smiles on our faces.

What is the Three Peaks Challenge? I hear you ask. It is climbing the 3 highest peaks in the UK, including driving between the locations, in a 24 hour period. 26 miles of walking and 462 miles of driving. We are massively grateful to our Brand and Strategy Director Simon Thomas who will be driving the challenge team from one location to another, perhaps the most arduous of tasks – cheering us on from the base of the fells, and staying awake while we are all selfishly napping in the back of his car!

Our plan

We will be starting our challenge bright and early on Saturday morning in Scotland, finishing 24 hours later in Wales

Saturday 6am: Climb Ben Nevis, Scotland
Saturday 5pm: Climb Scafell Pike, England
Sunday 2am: Climb Snowdon, Wales
Sunday 6am: stroll/limp/collapse over the finish line!

Meet the team


Hi I’m David, a Senior Consultant in the Sourcing department here at Talent Works. This year I wanted to challenge myself more and with work arranging to do the three peaks challenge for charity I thought this would be a great opportunity to do just that! I’ve never walked up a mountain before let alone complete anything like this so the closer it now gets and sorting out the equipment needed, realisation has hit of how big a challenge this is going to be, all the gear and no idea springs to mind! However, it’s for a fantastic cause and I am doing it with great people so I’m sure we will push each other on to make sure we smash it and we will certainly have a great sense of achievement once completed!


I’m Meg, I’m a novice when it comes to hiking and trekking, however I love the idea of taking on a challenge like the 3 peaks to find out what I’m made of. Usually, I would be found either knitting or binge-watching something good on Netflix, so this is different. Training has been going pretty well, I’m walking roughly 2 hours a day, although not uphill!! This will literally be the biggest physical challenge I’ve ever taken on, particularly as we’ll be timed and have 24 hours to complete all 3 peaks. I think our biggest challenge on the 3 peaks will be fighting against exhaustion and maintaining a positive mental attitude while tired, but we’re a great group and all very upbeat so I think we’ll have some good support in each other!


I’m Alicia, from the Brand & Insight team at Talent Works. As a geography graduate I have plenty of experience being outdoors but I’ve never taken on a challenge like this before, so I wanted to take the opportunity to push myself, and commit to something that requires dedication and perseverance. I’ve had fun along the way though as my training has led me to discover the fitness classes at the local trampoline park which are a good laugh! I’m really excited to get started, we have a great team and it will be a lot of fun completing this together.


I’m Bex, a Lead Consultant in the Brand & Insight team at Talent Works. People who know me well probably think I am crazy as I am known for taking on big challenges like this – in the last 3 years I have run a marathon, completed a triathlon and cycled from one coast of Wales to the other. They think I’m even crazier because I’ve actually done the Three Peaks before, in 2014, but that’s probably long enough to have forgotten about it…right?! I’m really proud to be part of the team, we are all nervous but we know we are going to smash this challenge with a smile on our faces, and we’re all so determined because it’s for such an amazing charity. As a 3 Peaks veteran I know it’s going to hurt, and that there might be tears (I’m not ashamed to say that I cried halfway up Scafell Pike last time), but there will be a lot of laughter as well.

It’s not too late to donate to our amazing cause KidsAid, on our Talent Works JustGiving page. Every penny is greatly appreciated, for this amazing cause. KidsAid is a Northampton based charity providing support for children and young people who have suffered abuse, bereavement, bullying and family problems.

Trying to understand what these children are going through is difficult, especially when they aren’t always able to articulate their feelings, which is why KidsAid have a team of highly trained and experienced therapists.

It costs KidsAid £70 to run a therapy session and this is often paid for by the individual or organisation who has referred the child. Even the smallest amount can help towards providing these services and Talent Works is proud to support such an incredible charity.