10 Benefits of using an RPO for small businesses

Over 99% of businesses in the UK are classed as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Last year this equated to 60% of all private sector employment in the UK and over half (51%) of all private sector turnover. It’s a common misconception that only large organisations can benefit from Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), small-mid size organisations can also reap the rewards of utilising a flexible recruitment model.

Our top 10 reasons why RPOs work for SMEs

It can be difficult to determine how many people you are likely to hire within a year, especially if your business is growing. By having an RPO you are able to scale up and down depending on your recruitment needs at any given time.

Recruitment process outsourcing allows you to access knowledge from industry experts. Recruiters who focus on a particular job function have a thorough understanding of the industry, the job requirements and already have talent pools ready to tap into.

Employer brand
In order to compete against larger businesses your employer brand needs to be well defined. Unlike working with an external recruitment agency, if you partner with an RPO provider they will become an extension of your business and will market through your brand to create awareness.

Time is money
An urgent vacancy can cost your business money the longer it is left unfilled. RPO providers will have the ability to allocate the resource required to meet critical hiring deadlines and source appropriate candidates in much less time.

Save time
Recruitment is a time-consuming activity and can add unnecessary strain on your employees. By outsourcing this part of your business, it allows HR and hiring managers to focus on their job responsibilities.

Reduction in costs
One of the main reasons companies use an RPO is to save money. An RPO provider will streamline your recruitment process and significantly reduce your spend on headhunters, contingent recruitment fees and job board advertising.

Sometimes, even if you have a thorough recruitment process, a new employee doesn’t work out or quits soon after starting. This can be costly for any business, but it can have a huge impact on SMEs. By partnering with an RPO provider this risk is heavily reduced. Sometimes staff turnover is unavoidable, but by using an RPO provider you will find an appropriate replacement quicker.

High calibre candidates
Hiring managers have their own jobs to do. They don’t have the time required to plough through applications, conduct preliminary telephone interviews and identify passive candidates. An RPO team will have the resources, skills and time to do these things efficiently.

Battle for talent
If you don’t identify quality candidates your competitors will. An RPO team will be able to identify high calibre candidates in less time, as well as keeping them interested from interview to offer.

Satisfied hiring managers
Hiring managers have enough on their plates already without being responsible for the end-to-end recruitment of all their employees. They have a fundamental part to play in the process, but with the support from an RPO, managers are less stressed and more focused.

Using an RPO can save you time, money and your hiring manager’s sanity. As well as this it can help amplify your wider employer brand. To find out more check out our blog on: RPO FAQs or get in touch today.