#ITK18: a preview from Paul Newnes

Here at Talent Works we are very excited by the response to our upcoming #ITK18 event on 5th June.

We are working hard to ensure the content of this event is thought provoking and relevant to a set of recruitment challenges, and actionable both at strategic and practical levels.

This first event is on the broad topic of digital in recruitment but covers some very specific topics including employer branding in a digital age, software developer recruitment and a practical guide to programmatic media in recruitment.

I will be presenting the section on strategies for recruiting developers . For many of Talent Works’ clients this is a continual challenge; supply of talent isn’t meeting increased demand creating fierce competition. But, there are plenty of strategies an employer can use that will attract and retain developer talent at higher levels than its competition.

Of course I’m hoping the audience enjoys this section far more than the others, but I also may have an unfair advantage – over the last few months the Talent Works Brand & Insight team have conducted primary research on this topic.  Based upon this research I’ll be presenting a framework for how to cut through the seeming complexity of developer recruitment and create propositions and attraction campaigns that will reduce cost and time to hire for developer talent.

If this is of interest, places are limited so please don’t delay – sign up for our event – and we look forward to seeing you there.

Strategies for recruiting developers
“Watch (some) Digital”

Paul Newnes is Head of Digital at Talent Works International (TWI). TWI is a global talent communications firm that helps organisations around the world build effective and efficient talent strategies through our research, sourcing, creative and digital teams. For more information, contact: Paul.Newnes@talent-works.com