Why top employers use Facebook Instant Experiences in recruitment

Building your employer brand on social and digital media is not easy. It’s not so much the visibility that is hard to achieve – employers have got their recruitment marketing agencies generating ‘content’ like never before, some good, some not so good. But real audience engagement, beyond just your page impression stats – that’s the true test of whether your employer brand and your social media strategies are working in harmony.

At Talent Works, we’re finding that Facebook Instant Experiences (until recently, they were called Facebook Canvases) are fast becoming an essential tool in almost every attraction campaign.  An Instant Experience is like adding an extra dimension to your mobile campaigns. More immersive than standard digital ads like banners and skyscrapers. Faster to load than a microsite. The capability to pull through vacancy details so candidates can apply via your ATS.

What’s not to like? Well, nothing really. Here’s a breakdown of why some of the world’s best employer brands are all over Facebook Instant Experiences:

  1. It’s a fully mobile experience

That’s right folks. The only place you’ll see a canvas is if you click on an ad, in your Facebook feed, while you’re on mobile. There’s no waiting for a new window to open. It downloads instantly, keeps Facebookers in the moment and the UX is pretty good too. If it’s not what someone is looking for, they can swipe right out and back into their Facebook feed. No harm done to your employer brand there, then.

  1. You want to engage, as well as attract

Instant Experiences come with some nice features that make the user experience more immersive and the candidate journey more engaging. It’s not just a case of ‘read the job ad and hit the Apply button’. When a candidate goes through to a Facebook canvas, they can watch a movie, scroll through a carousel of images, enjoy some animation. There is even a Tilt mode, so that the user can turn their phone to view more image beyond their standard screen dimensions – that’s a great way to showcase an open-plan office space.

  1. The recruitment statistics speak for themselves

Stats say that the average person spends one in every seven minutes of their online time, on Facebook. It’s the largest and most widely used social media platform. The combination of Facebook audiences, programmatic advertising and immersive canvases is proving to be the most effective and frictionless mobile candidate experience. Visit talent-works.com to see some recent case studies from our RPO and employer branding clients.

  1. Your agency will love you

Our Creative teams love the opportunities that Facebook Canvases offer to showcase photography, film, animation and gamification. They also love how easy and fast it is to set up a canvas to support a campaign. This means that we’re giving clients exactly what they want and need: creative campaigns, up and running and in front of candidates quickly.

  1. Instant Experiences are only just beginning

Facebook introduced Canvases in 2016 and consumer brands have been leading the way in exploiting their potential. As more employers begin to see the opportunities involved (and see the response that they help to generate), we will begin to see Instant Experiences being used in more innovative ways. How that mobile candidate experience grows and becomes more immersive – and how the likes of Instagram respond and find new ways to help employers tell their stories – is going to be very, very interesting.

Facebook Instant Experiences are fast to build, user-friendly and align neatly with your social media campaigns and with your existing applicant tracking system. As simple as they are, that all comes together to make them a genuinely valuable asset for talent acquisition teams and their employer brand agencies.

Take a look at one of our campaigns using Facebook canvases.