RPO for digital transformation

What is digital transformation?

The term digital transformation sounds complicated. However, it’s very much what it sounds like.

As technology advances, organisational processes need to change and adapt to keep up. When a company adapts to these changes on a large scale across the organisation, this is called digital transformation.

When an organisation transforms its processes to embrace new technologies, it can be a daunting task. There will be big changes to handle and, as well as this, smaller processes that also need to change. Overall, digital transformation requires time, patience and a dedicated workforce.

It’s this last part that we’re particularly interested in.

A crucial part of any digital overhaul is having the right employees in place to push it forward.

In many companies undergoing a digital transformation, this requires all new hires in brand new job roles. Often, the number of hires needed indicates the need for a brand new tech department, especially in typically non-tech organisations.

Why are organisations undergoing digital transformation?

Digital transformation matters because if companies don’t keep up with technological innovations and digital processes, they are likely to lose out.

This loss can take many forms, but the ultimate cost is a financial one. According to research, “there is the potential for over $18 trillion of new value to be harvested”. So, digital transformation is an investment in the future of an organisation.

Ultimately, if companies want to be around for the long haul, they need to remain relevant. If they don’t, they will be overtaken by other companies with a more up-to-date offering. Once an organisation drops behind, it will take twice as long to catch up as it would to have got ahead in the first place.

Imagine the future of tech in business. According to Deloitte’s 10th annual tech trends report, “advanced networking, serverless computing, and intelligent interfaces will reshape business processes in the coming years.” All these innovations will speed up processes so that organisations can achieve far more in less time.

So, how can RPO help?

The number of hires needed to fulfil a complete digital transformation often far exceed an organisation’s current recruitment capacity. Outsourcing your tech recruitment needs can be the simplest, most cost-effective way to ensure your organisation attracts the right talent.

You can find out more about an RPO can help solve your tech recruitment needs here.

How can your company attract the right tech talent?

Any company looking to make an increase in hires needs to consider both their employer brand and employee value proposition.

The current market is overwhelmingly candidate-driven. So, there are fewer candidates than there are jobs. This becomes particularly apparent when trying to fill tech roles. Despite tech innovations being predicted to erase the need for manual job roles, research has shown technology has “created more jobs than it has destroyed.” However, the current workforce is struggling to provide the skills needed to fill these roles.

While internal training programmes and investment in the upcoming generations can solve these problems for the future, for now, there is a talent shortage. This means companies need to ensure they are ahead of the competition for the tech talent that can help to transform their company.

The benefits of an RPO partnership will naturally give an organisation the added benefits they need, with specialised, experienced recruiters and skill-specific talent pools at their fingertips. However, any organisation looking to make a dramatic increase in hires needs to refine its employer brand.

Why does your employer brand matter?

Essentially, you need to make it clear what it is your organisation is providing that makes you different. Define why top talent should work for you. Your employer branding communicates to candidates who you are, and how you do things. 

To do this, you need to define your principles and what the day-to-day looks like in your organisation. Once you have this established, you need to craft a narrative to draw talent in.

So, digital transformation for large organisations is, essentially, inevitable.

All companies need to embrace transformation to stay relevant and avoid falling behind. Where this might seem like a daunting task for large companies, there are measures your organisation can take to ensure that you are attracting the right tech talent.

Utilise an RPO to outsource your tech recruitment needs and refine your narrative to potential employees. In a world where there are endless possibilities, and job roles are abundant, it’s essential to streamline your message so that the right people hear you.

This requires a carefully crafted EVP and innovative recruitment marketing strategy so that the application process is geared towards tech talent right from the beginning. 

To find out more about RPO for digital transformation, you can check out our RPO eBook.