Talent Tales or Reality Part III: You Need Six Figures for Successful Talent Acquisition

There are a lot of talent acquisition experts working with global players who sit on multimillion-dollar recruitment budgets. The reality is that most startups and mid-sized companies are trying to actively recruit without such large committed budgets, particularly in 2021, when hiring has been fundamentally tied to business recovery. 

Beyond this, while the real-life challenges of hiring managers in mid-sized businesses may be decidedly less sexy than Google’s talent acquisition conquests. There are the tech hiring managers who have been told they can’t use any agencies but need to get a couple of hundred people hired in really complicated tech roles before their Employer Brand Proposition even exists. 

There are generalist hiring managers trying to source roles they don’t have time to research, while fighting for budget to meet their targets. There are HR teams that are wasting time looking at C-level applicants but often feel they don’t have the time to source passive talent. And, there are also HR teams that really want to build a relevant EVP, but don’t have marketing partner bandwidth. 

The good news

Not only are these challenges more common than you may think, but you don’t have to spend $500,000 on expensive or overpriced search or multi-year outsourcing arrangements to overcome them. There are creative, innovative, and much, much less expensive ways to make an impact from a talent acquisition POV in your organization. 

It is possible to recruit against budgets of varying size, recruiting with no brand, or no team, by increasing the effectiveness, efficiency, and impact of your hiring process and tackling challenges head-on. It’s about making sure you’re being efficient with the resources you do have while using your hiring managers wisely. This may include digital and recruitment marketing strategies, and new platforms that allow you to engage with candidates in low-cost ways

The fact is, most companies could do with a little expertise to help them stand out in the crowded market of online recruitment advertising. Outsourcing is often (incorrectly) considered an expensive approach to recruiting, but by using experts in recruitment, outsourcing can help take the pressure off HR and provide cost-effective results. It means your recruitment process will be streamlined and efficient from the get-go and avoid the risk of costly mistakes.

It’s one of many creative ways that you can make an impact in a crowded talent market on any budget. It’s also what we’ll be talking about more in our upcoming webinar with ERE Recruiting Intelligence and our guests Lisa Smith-Strother – VP, Global Head of Employer Marketing/Diversity TA Branding for RELX, and Brian Gilbert – Head of TA at Motional. 

Lisa and Brian have been through it all. Recruiting against budgets of varying size, recruiting with no brand, or no team – these two experienced industry veterans will explain what you can do to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and impact of your hiring process, on any budget, tackling challenges head-on. 

The webinar takes place on the 20th of May at 2 pm ET. Click here to register today!