10 How to Tips for Hiring Someone in the Remote Working World

For many people, staying at home became the new normal during the global pandemic.  The new normal it was known as.  Many businesses were forced to rethink their employee’s working conditions.  There was a move to remote working and online team meetings.  Indeed, some businesses have continued this model even after restrictions were lifted. 

How to recruit also had to change.  Face to face was replaced by online interviews through sites such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.  Now, candidates (and employers) were required to be increasingly tech-savvy which sounded daunting at first, but it really wasn’t.  Here are 10 tips to employing the best candidate in the world of remote working. 

Number 1: Video

A simple request for the shortlist to complete.  Asking the potential candidates to send a video of themselves gives you something else to base your judgement on.  This doesn’t need to be complicated but is a good indicator of their tech skills.

Number 2: Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

This age-old phrase is vital in a dozen situations.  It sounds basic but making sure that you have the right tech available and that is works will save a lot of heartache once the interview starts. 

‘Have a trial run with someone else before the day of the interview to suss out any teething problems with the platform you choose to use. Screen shares, volume controls and camera angles can all be checked in advance which really helped us,’ says William Jones, a project manager at 1 Day 2 write and Write my X.

Number 3: Let the candidates book their interview slot

This is a great way to test the candidate’s ability to use the online platform your company uses.  Allocate time slots on certain days and ask them to set up a meeting with you and the interviewing panel.  Another way to check those tech skills!

Number 4: Dress to impress

Although this is a virtual, a dress code is still required.  Would you wear business attire to a ‘normal’ interview?  Of course you would so the same applies here. 

Number 5: Communication

Time scales and expectations help to make the process run smoothly.  Sharing these keeps the discussions focused is more important with remote recruitment.  There is often a slight time delay or lag, so people need to know the order and structure of questioning and discussions.

Number 6: Virtual tours

Usually, a company would give a tour of their premises whether that is a school, factory or office space.  There is no reason why this cannot be done virtually. 

‘This has proved invaluable to businesses,’ says Jack Briggs, a business writer at Brit Student and Next Coursework.  ‘Taking a video camera around the building shows off the working environment your new employer might return to post Covid.’

Number 7: An up-to-date website

Your candidates will depend on this!  They won’t be able to come and see your company or business in person so will need to find out as much as possible before the interview.  Your website should inspire discussions in the interview. 

Number 8: Using social media to your advantage

An extension of your website, not a standalone.  Keeping social media platforms up to date allows more people to see and communicate with you and your business.  It doesn’t matter which social media platforms you use, nor how many, what matters is that they are current and live.

Number 9: Regular Check In’s

This applies once the recruitment process has been completed.   Usually, a meet and greet and an assigned colleague to act as a mentor.  With remote employees this is very difficult to do.  Hence the importance of regular video calls or phone calls help make the member of staff feel part of the team and valued. 

Number 10: How are they getting on during probation?

This could easily be overlooked but it is very important.  Allowances will need to be made as the usual offers of shadowing an experienced colleague or a senior member of staff checking in in person cannot happen remotely.  There will be problems along the way so regular feedback is important. 

Hopefully, online recruitment is merely an exercise is adapting what your company does in person.  Expect to see new recruits more relaxed as they will most likely be in their own homes for the interview and not is an alien environment.

Michael Dehoyos assists numerous companies with this marketing strategies and contributes to sites such as Origin Writings.  His skill set in web developing and editing at Dissertation writing service and Essay writing services is invaluable worldwide.