Poaching pandemic: 38% have been approached for a new job more than five times in the last year

  • Survey of professionals finds that over a fifth are looking to pursue their career elsewhere in 2022
  • 38% of organisations don’t have a working from home policy in place, and being asked to be in the office negatively impacts one in five employees

Manchester, UK, 1st September 2021: 38% of respondents have been approached over 5 times for a new job in the last year. That’s according to research from Talent Works, which surveyed software and government professionals to determine their opinions on different working policies and how often they are approached for new job roles. The survey also found that 5% have been approached more than 10 times in the past year.

Private vs public

When it comes to comparing the amount of times government and software professionals have been approached for a new role over the past 12 months, there are some stark differences. 

More government professionals have not been approached at all for a new job (71%) compared to those in a software role (45%), and software professionals were more likely to be approached between 10 and 20 times (8%) compared to none of the government professionals that were surveyed. The demand for technical skills has increased significantly in recent years, with the pandemic further exacerbating this need.

Working policies

The survey also asked whether having to be in the office either full- or part-time would influence the way respondents view an organisation, with a fifth (20%) of employees saying it would negatively impact whether they were to stay or join an organisation. 38% of organisations also don’t have a work from home policy in place, with employees still in the dark about whether they will be working from the office, home, or both.

Breaking down the results showed that men, software professionals, and 18-34 year olds are more likely to want to be in the office than women, government professionals and those over 35. 

2022 outlook

When asked about what they want most when working at an organisation, opportunities to progress their career (38%) and a great company culture (33%) came out on top. A great office was a much lower priority for respondents (16%), showing that physical workspaces are not a focus for employees and prospective candidates and businesses looking to attract top talent should direct their focus elsewhere.

Respondents were also asked whether they are optimistic about their career progression in 2022. The survey found that over a fifth (21%) are looking to pursue their career elsewhere in 2022, with 18-34 year olds more likely to look elsewhere (25%) compared to 35s+ (18%).

Neil Purcell, CEO and Founder of Talent Works, commented: “Businesses should be concerned with the mixed responses on working policies, especially with job openings at an all time high and poaching numbers only likely to grow. Understanding your candidates and your employees will ensure that the right people fit within your organisation and employee turnover and churn is reduced.”


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