The role of recruitment in business scaling efforts

We often hear that businesses want to scale each year by gaining new customers, new systems, and implementing the best technology. On the other side of the coin, we don’t necessarily hear about how businesses are going to grow internal teams and how they are going to source the right talent.

Building a team isn’t easy, and if businesses don’t have the capacity to grow internally or understand how to get candidates through the door, it could be too big of a hurdle to scale. Coupled with the Great Restructure and the Great Flirtation, businesses need more than a few job applications to really grow in style. Organizations need insights, creative marketers, and global recruiters to help companies source the talent they need to scale.

As the race to deliver the best talent heats up, consider these three recruitment components that businesses can use to scale:

1. Talent recognizes talent

It’s no secret that candidates have been more selective over the last few months- it’s a candidates market. For employers looking to scale, the hiring process in this environment can be complex, and it can be made even harder if the staff looking for talent aren’t exactly on board.

Before hiring any new employees, it’s important to recognize the talent in your current team to feel valued, and understand how the company is perceived. In other words, recruitment teams need to understand what employees like or don’t like about the brand to identify what areas can be enhanced.

You may even find that having a career conversation with someone internally or externally can help understand what candidates are looking for, and frame accordingly. This could result in new upskilling opportunities, new perks, or more insight into the market that can best influence recruitment departments to make the right hire.

2. Your branding and EVP matters

Knowing you want to scale isn’t necessarily the hard part. What’s hard is ensuring that the right hires are being made and this can become more difficult if candidates aren’t aware of your brand or your employee value proposition (EVP).

Like the variety of different skills and talents organizations look for, employers need to consider what candidates are also looking for and how they can fit into the business by assessing what makes them unique. That can involve taking time to reflect on what makes you stand out, and how that fits into what the increasingly candidate-driven market is asking for.

In some cases, an employee might prefer a work-from-home environment or another might prefer a more hands-on approach located at an office. Whichever preference they have, you should have these conversations and receive feedback to support talent teams by implementing a strong and easily recognizable employer brand.

It’s important to remember candidates have a wealth of options available, and you can’t expect applications to fill your inbox. You need to be specific about specific areas of your EVP to gain a measurable advantage and to attract the right talent into your business, not just the available talent.

3. Outside support may be all you need

Sadly, not all internal teams are free-flowing recruitment machines that can hire the best talent on a budget overnight. Scaling your recruitment capability can be a challenge in itself, and with companies snatching up talent the lack of resources can naturally work against you.

The good news is that outsourcing can be a big help to provide the resources and tactics at hand to help identify even the most niche or passive talents on the market. An experienced Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Provider can also support talent teams with assistance, support, and become flexible partners.

Unlike traditional RPO specialists, our agile approach allows us to adapt our talent acquisition model to many different types of organizations. From startup tech companies to Series C employers on accelerated growth trajectories, we have the time to think strategically about promoting your employer brand.

To find out how we can scale your business using recruitment, contact Talent Works here.