Employer Brand

All companies have a reputation. It can be good or bad, but it’s something you can’t escape as a business. How does your reputation get developed and what can you do to change it? Two things that contribute to any company’s reputation are Employer Brand and your company brand. How is your company brand different […]

Why a Lockdown is the Ideal Time to Perfect your Employer Brand

In a competitive market, your employer brand is what sets you apart from the competition and makes candidates choose to work for you. Your reputation as a respectable employer and a great place to work is vital and, even amid crisis, will help you to attract the best talent. Unlike established brands who have no […]

Open-plan offices: Productivity winner or killer?

According to research, “the UK has twice as many open-plan offices as the global average.” The conversation surrounding open-plan offices is widespread and often conflicting. Depending on who you talk to you get a different viewpoint. Some people say open-plan offices are the ideal environment for collaboration and creativity. Others say open-plan offices are the […]

Talent mapping: Get ahead of the game

What is talent mapping? In advance of live vacancies, a recruiter scours the market and identifies the top talent in a field. This process is called talent mapping. Potential candidates are sought out by the recruiter with short, medium and long-term employment goals in mind. As such, talent mapping ensures that emergency hiring situations don’t […]

5 ways RPO can enhance your employer brand

Your employer brand is key to attracting and retaining top talent. By effectively communicating who you are as a company, you can attract high-quality candidates and improve retention rates. When your employer brand is strong, candidates will want to work for you. RPO providers can help to develop and build your employer brand. As well […]

Company Culture: Why It Matters In Recruitment Attraction Campaigns

Company culture is important as it can play a crucial factor in determining the success or failure of a business. Evidence shows that investing in company culture can lead to higher performance rates, due to enhanced employee wellbeing, higher levels of development and long-term employee retention. According to Science Daily, “corporate culture is the most […]

The psychology of teams and why uniformity doesn’t work

We’re people, not machines This is a good thing and something that is fundamental for a productive, thriving workforce. Without difference in teams, ideas wouldn’t be born, created and implemented. So, next time you wish you were more logical or more creative, remember that it’s the interplay that makes everything possible. It needs the people […]

The yearly round-up – the 2017 edition

The holiday break went at lightning speed, as predicted. But now we’re firmly back in the office and despite it being early January, the ‘Happy New Year’ email openers are steadily decreasing and everyone is embracing their new and improved routines. But before 2017 becomes a distant memory, we wanted to recap on all the […]

Diversity agendas: more than meets the eye

Diversity agendas are less advanced than we thought Fewer organisations have a formal diversity strategy compared with previous years. That’s the surprise finding from the latest joint CIPD and Hays Resourcing and Talent Planning survey. It seems the problem with workplace diversity agendas runs deeper than initially meets the eye. For our upcoming white paper, […]