Why External Recruiters Play a Vital Role in Scaling Businesses

In a scaling business, every hire counts. When you’re working with smaller teams and relying on the people within your business to help it grow, you can’t afford to hire the wrong person. For this reason, many business leaders are often deterred from outsourcing their recruitment process. They worry that outsiders may not understand their […]

10 tips to help your startup scale internationally

For many startup businesses, there comes a crucial time when they begin to consider scaling and expanding into international markets. This is an exciting time for any startup, as it opens up a world of opportunities. Once you have conducted research, you will be able to ensure that not only is your startup ready to […]

How to prepare your startup to scale (even in uncertain times)

If you’re running a startup business, no one will blame you for feeling a little unsure about whether now is the right time to scale up your business. After all, without sounding too gloomy, we are in the middle of a global pandemic and the worst recession in decades, which doesn’t scream “it’s time to […]

How Startups Can Stand Out During The COVID-19 Crisis

The current climate has created an unpredictable landscape for many businesses which has meant recruiting talent has had to take a back foot. Many companies are trying to navigate a challenging time financially and are having to make huge decisions regarding the future of their staff. Startup businesses are not immune to these problems, and […]

The Future of Females in Tech: Lindsay Fisher, Sparkbox

Next in our blog series celebrating International Women’s Day and our partnership with Tech Nation, we spoke to Lindsay Fisher, Co-Founder of Retail Price Optimisation, Planning & Insights Platform, Sparkbox. Sparkbox helps retailers to reach targets, improve volume sales and increase cash margins using machine learning and AI. Using her background in retail merchandising and consulting on price optimisation, […]