Creative Recruitment

Creative recruitment often refers to the recruiting of creative professionals. It can, however, refer to recruitment that is creative in its nature, or the use of creative advertising campaigns in recruitment. This blog will explore the meanings of all three and how each of them relates to a company’s recruitment efforts. The use of advertising […]

Recruitment marketing

Marketing is a significant piece of the recruitment puzzle. But what does it entail, when and why do you need to use it and how can it help with attracting and retaining talent? Why do you need to use marketing in your recruitment? Similar to any product or service, recruitment needs to make extensive use […]

Duck Creek Employer Brand

Duck Creek is a unique technology company. They develop industry-specific software that helps insurance carriers to deploy and manage their products and services. As such, they operate in a particularly competitive market. To stand out from their competitors, Duck Creek needed an employer brand that differentiated them from other companies. Talent Works started by determining […]

How to scale at pace

By Sam Dinsi, Business Development Manager. In my 12 years in Recruitment, I’ve scaled 100’s businesses covering Cyber Security, Fintech, Hedge Funds, and Startups. What has surprised me is that after all this time, companies still focus on outreaches, hiring more recruiters, recycling between recruiters, or simply blaming the market. Recruiting is tough! It’s about […]

Tech recruitment

The tech sector has grown substantially in the past decade. In fact, job opportunities in the sector are at a 10-year high – they now account for 14% of all open opportunities, up from 11% in 2019. There are nearly 5m people working in the tech sector – over double what there was in 2011. […]

Pride month

June marks Pride Month worldwide, and Talent Works would like to discuss the importance of this awareness event. What is it? Pride month is celebrated in June to commemorate the The Stonewall riots. These were important protests in the United States that consequently changed gay rights for a lot of people around the world. Why […]

Is your EVP secret to fighting the great resignation?

The Great Resignation means that, above all else, employees are on the move. Tech employees are among many others embracing the trend and leaving their employers searching for better compensation, a new challenge or alternative corporate culture. As a result, knowledge-based sectors like tech are seeing record numbers of jobs advertised, and this is taking […]

Why work at Talent Works?

Talent Works has had an incredible few years, and we’re not shy about admitting it. Surrounding the uncertainty of the pandemic, we managed to come out somehow stronger than ever before. We know that we have our team to thank for that; their hard work and dedication meant that we were able to continue helping […]

Exploring the new approach to workplace benefits

The role of benefits at work has changed significantly. What was once an additional perk to help entice candidates has quickly become necessary to enhance their experience and lifestyle. Fully stocked beer fridges and ping-pong tables have had their day. Once upon a time, the more quirky or fun a benefit was, the more a business stood out in the eyes of candidates. But, the last two years have proven that benefits should be just that, a benefit, not something fun and out there to add to your employer brand communications. Benefits shouldn’t be there to capture attention but rather to enhance the lives of employees significantly.