Women in STEM

How scaling companies can nurture female employees

We’re in the middle of a tech skills shortage. Across the world, employers ranging from tech startups and scaleups to larger, established names are fighting for the brightest tech talent on the market to help them embrace the demands of the digital era. In a survey by The Tech Partnership, nearly 75% of large tech […]

The Future of Females in Tech: Lindsay Fisher, Sparkbox

Next in our blog series celebrating International Women’s Day and our partnership with Tech Nation, we spoke to Lindsay Fisher, Co-Founder of Retail Price Optimisation, Planning & Insights Platform, Sparkbox. Sparkbox helps retailers to reach targets, improve volume sales and increase cash margins using machine learning and AI. Using her background in retail merchandising and consulting on price optimisation, […]

The Future of Females in Tech: Alexis Smith, IMGeospatial

Next in our blog series celebrating International Women’s Day and our partnership with Tech Nation, we talked to Alexis Smith, founder and CEO of IMGeospatial. Nominated for Tech Nation’s Rising Stars 2.0, IMGeospatial is an automated business intelligence pipeline which provides the insurance and water utilities industries with valuable business insights. The company uses AI in unique […]

The Future of Females in Tech: Jo Halliday, Talking Medicines

As part of our blog series celebrating International Women’s Day and our partnership with Tech Nation, interviewing some of the UK’s most exciting female tech entrepreneurs, we spoke to Jo Halliday, founder and CEO of Talking Medicines. Talking Medicines was born out of a belief that the patient should always be at the centre of healthcare, Jo […]

The Future of Females in Tech: Gemma McCall Culture Shift

In honour of International Women’s Day and our partnership with Tech Nation, we decided to create a series of blogs interviewing some of the UK’s most exciting female Tech Entrepreneurs. Women are still hugely under-represented in the tech industry, so we feel it is important to showcase the women that are doing great things and […]

Women in STEM: Jody Robie Presents the Facts

Bay Path University is dedicated to changing the face of the STEM landscape. Through its American Women’s College, the first all-women online accredited bachelor’s degree programs in the US, the university is helping women to gain the education and leadership skills needed to forge long and successful careers. The program offers more than 28 degrees […]

A Simple Guide to Attracting More Women to STEM Roles

Today marks the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Women are doing incredible things in the science, technology and engineering sectors and the number of females taking up careers in these industries is continually on the rise. However, why is there still so few females in STEM roles? Only 23% of the UK […]

Ada Lovelace: The world’s first female coder

Who was Ada Lovelace? Ada Lovelace, born The Honourable Augusta Ada Byron, in 1815, was the only daughter of Lord Byron and his mathematics enthused wife, Annabella Milbanke. Born to an unhappy marriage, Ada barely knew her father and was raised alone by her mother, a philanthropist, and activist, with her grandmother’s help. Born in […]

National Coding Week: The women who programmed the future

In 2019, despite women having paved the way for many of tech’s most brilliant innovations, women are still both underrepresented and underpaid in the tech industry. While steps are being made to make tech and STEM subjects more accessible options for young girls, through initiatives such as Girls Who Code and the Grace Hopper program, […]

International Women’s Day: Women in Tech

At Talent Works, we work with several clients in tech. So, we decided, on International Women’s Day, to celebrate the women working in tech. Technology is an incredible force for good in our ever-changing world. Yet, it is estimated that only 1% of the tech sector will be female by 2040 if there are no […]