Candidate Experience

Why the interview process is so vital to a scaling business and how to improve it

When you’re trying to scale, your senior teams don’t have time to interview candidates constantly. They have other priorities. If your interview process isn’t up to scratch, you may find yourself in a cycle of candidates dropping out halfway through and restarting the hiring process all over again.

In a candidate-driven market, you also need to leverage the interview process to show what’s great about your business. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that every candidate you interview is desperate to work for you; you’re just one option of many in the current market. Instead, think about how you can sell yourself to the candidates. Perfecting your interview process creates consistency within the candidate experience, helping to get your employer brand message across. As a scaling business without reputation and name to fall back on, employer brand is everything and will make the difference for candidates. And when it comes to employer branding, consistency and authenticity are key.

Are virtual recruitment events the future of tech recruitment?

Virtual hiring events have some huge advantages but some equally significant disadvantages. They certainly have a place within the future of tech recruiting. That’s undeniable. However, it depends entirely on the demand, speed and the number of roles you need to hire. It’s important to remember that other alternatives to relieve HR pressures may be more cost-effective, such as outsourcing your tech recruitment to a flexible RPO provider who can take on the burden for you. Virtual hiring should never replace engaging and having a conversation with candidates personally, as this is how you ensure more diverse and better-quality candidates who fit your organisation perfectly. However, this provides an alternative for those situations where you need to hire 100 people incredibly quickly and should not be discounted. 

Should the candidate experience be synonymous with customer experience?

The candidate experience is incredibly similar to your customer one. Every interaction that a candidate has with your brand forms a perception of you as an employer, from the initial application through to interview and even onboarding. Therefore, to present an authentic brand image that candidates can be excited about, you need to think about every possible time they can interact with your brand.

So, you’ve built a ready to hire talent pool; what do you do next?

For scaling businesses that may experience large-scale growth quickly and suddenly, a talent pool could be a vital tool to have at your disposal. It means you don’t have to pause and take time to plan for these new hires when you’ve been given the green light; you can reach out to your interested candidates. You don’t even need to have vacancies available. If you’re strategic, you can build a talent pool by promoting your employer brand and engaging suitable candidates for when roles become available.

Why does the language you use in job ads matter?

In a candidate-driven market, tech employers cannot afford to lose quality candidates at the application stage simply because they used jargon or biased language. Therefore, getting the language right in your job adverts could be a vital part of ensuring you attract suitable tech candidates.

Is your candidate experience damaging your tech employer brand?

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