candidate journey

Should the candidate experience be synonymous with customer experience?

The candidate experience is incredibly similar to your customer one. Every interaction that a candidate has with your brand forms a perception of you as an employer, from the initial application through to interview and even onboarding. Therefore, to present an authentic brand image that candidates can be excited about, you need to think about every possible time they can interact with your brand.

Are Passive Tech Candidates the Secret to Tech Recruitment Success?

In the tech sector there are more opportunities for candidates than ever before but may need to be faced with the right one to make a move. By reaching passive candidates while the recruitment market is so hot, you could open their eyes to a brilliant opportunity and find talent who feels as passionately about your brand and mission as you do.

Is your candidate experience damaging your tech employer brand?

Tech recruitment is the most competitive it’s ever been, with employers in all industries fighting for candidates with identical skillsets. Digitally-led businesses are seeing a surge in demand for their services, which means they suddenly need to hire quickly to keep up. Other companies are looking to hire tech talent so that they can compete […]

Are Recruiters About to Become Extinct?

As I’m sure you’re aware by now, artificial intelligence is taking the world of recruitment by storm. New technologies are emerging that can help the recruitment process, eliminating the need for humans in basic admin tasks like resume screening, interview scheduling, and even automated candidate sourcing. Automations reduce the time to hire and significantly cut […]

How to prepare for a video interview: the candidate edition

2020 has been a lot of things, but in the world of recruitment, it’s become the year of the video interview. While we’re all getting pretty used to talking to colleagues, family and friends over video conferencing, video interviews can be a completely different experience to face-to-face job interviews. As remote working becomes more familiar, […]

How to Enhance The Candidate Experience During the COVID-19 Crisis

As companies globally are asking their employees to work from home, we’re all having to adjust. Leaders are having to get used to managing remotely, and we’re all having to come to terms with video meetings being the new normal. When it comes to hiring new talent, many businesses already handle the recruitment process online. […]

Interviewing During a Lockdown – Your Guide to Video Interviewing

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, recruiters have seen a 67% spike in video interviews. It makes sense; video interviews reduce the time to commute and limit exposure to the public which is crucial during a pandemic. Now we’re facing a lockdown many of us have no choice but to communicate via video for office communications […]

7 Steps to Crafting the Perfect Candidate Experience for Developers

When it comes to hiring tech talent, it’s very easy to get bogged down in the technicalities (literally!). With so many required skills and abilities of critical importance to a developer’s role, many companies dwell on finding the best of the best without worrying about how the candidates perceive them or whether or not job […]

A Simple Guide to Attracting More Women to STEM Roles

Today marks the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Women are doing incredible things in the science, technology and engineering sectors and the number of females taking up careers in these industries is continually on the rise. However, why is there still so few females in STEM roles? Only 23% of the UK […]