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Should Recruiters Pay Attention to Creative Resumes?

In today’s competitive and candidate-driven job market, hiring managers can spend as little as seven seconds looking at a CV as they’re under pressure to screen quickly. Therefore, it’s not surprising that job seekers may want to add a little creativity to their applications in a bid to help them stand out and capture attention. So, in principle, a creative CV should hold the gaze of a hiring manager for a little bit longer, but again there are some complications. Firstly, if you’re trying to show your skills or experience creatively, it may be harder for hiring managers to find the information they’re looking for. Trying to be too clever or too creative could fail as it could be harder to interpret some of the key points that you wish to stand out, but that very much depends on the layout and design you opt for. Remember that relevance is what’s important to recruiters. Fancy layouts don’t prove candidates can work (unless it’s for a creative design role).

The Fake CV Scandal: Are Big Tech Names Screening Candidates Properly?

Failing to screen CVs properly will waste everyone’s time. If recruiters let fake CVs like this one slip through the net and reach further stages of the recruitment process, the likelihood is they’ll have to start again once the truth comes out. Restarting the recruitment process is costly and time-consuming, plus there’s a chance you could lose out on talented candidates that have already been rejected the first time around. In a candidate-driven market, these skilled people will likely have been snapped up by the competition. Recruitment teams will double their work, and the role will take longer to hire, which could cause productivity problems later down the line.

Are virtual recruitment events the future of tech recruitment?

Virtual hiring events have some huge advantages but some equally significant disadvantages. They certainly have a place within the future of tech recruiting. That’s undeniable. However, it depends entirely on the demand, speed and the number of roles you need to hire. It’s important to remember that other alternatives to relieve HR pressures may be more cost-effective, such as outsourcing your tech recruitment to a flexible RPO provider who can take on the burden for you. Virtual hiring should never replace engaging and having a conversation with candidates personally, as this is how you ensure more diverse and better-quality candidates who fit your organisation perfectly. However, this provides an alternative for those situations where you need to hire 100 people incredibly quickly and should not be discounted. 

Are Recruiters About to Become Extinct?

As I’m sure you’re aware by now, artificial intelligence is taking the world of recruitment by storm. New technologies are emerging that can help the recruitment process, eliminating the need for humans in basic admin tasks like resume screening, interview scheduling, and even automated candidate sourcing. Automations reduce the time to hire and significantly cut […]

Top 5 reasons why your company should be data-driven in 2020

Companies that are insights-driven are 2.8 times more likely to report double-digit growth yearly in comparison to brands not leveraging data. Utilising data to upscale your business and make better decisions is a tricky thing to undertake as most businesses think as if they do not have enough data to use or look to data as a reporting tool.   […]

How to prepare for a video interview: the candidate edition

2020 has been a lot of things, but in the world of recruitment, it’s become the year of the video interview. While we’re all getting pretty used to talking to colleagues, family and friends over video conferencing, video interviews can be a completely different experience to face-to-face job interviews. As remote working becomes more familiar, […]

Interviewing During a Lockdown – Your Guide to Video Interviewing

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, recruiters have seen a 67% spike in video interviews. It makes sense; video interviews reduce the time to commute and limit exposure to the public which is crucial during a pandemic. Now we’re facing a lockdown many of us have no choice but to communicate via video for office communications […]

Should you be checking your candidates’ social media pages?

These days, most employers check their candidates’ social media accounts. It seems inevitable, in a culture in which social media use is so prevalent. Checking your candidates’ social media can give a quick insight into their personality. It can also be used as a tool to see if the way they’ve portrayed themselves on their […]

Interviews: Which questions should you be asking?

What information do you need to hear? So, you’ve invested heavily in your employer brand. Your marketing and social media strategies are attracting the candidates you want. Now, it’s interview time. However, they are also interviewing you. This is a two-way street. While you need to find out if they are the right candidate for […]