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Preparing Your Business for Localised Lockdowns

Just as we were all preparing to enter the new normal, the threat of localised lockdowns has become a real worry for business leaders everywhere. In the UK we’ve seen Leicester go into a localised lockdown. With outbreaks of Coronavirus in other cities, employers everywhere should be watching the news with bated breath if they […]

How to Prepare an Effective Remote Working Strategy

In the wake of a pandemic, most businesses are preparing to switch to a complete remote working strategy where possible. In the digital age, it’s possible for many employees to continue to work from anywhere without disrupting the business. To follow safety guidelines, it makes sense that businesses are looking to keep their employees at […]

The benefits of organisational meritocracy

What is a meritocracy? A meritocracy refers to a workplace without hierarchy – essentially, everyone has the right to speak and the right to be heard. On this basis, employees who work hard and achieve results should progress based on their performance. A relatively new concept, a meritocratic workplace does away with the idea that […]

The psychology of teams and why uniformity doesn’t work

We’re people, not machines This is a good thing and something that is fundamental for a productive, thriving workforce. Without difference in teams, ideas wouldn’t be born, created and implemented. So, next time you wish you were more logical or more creative, remember that it’s the interplay that makes everything possible. It needs the people […]