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Are more tech candidates now returning to their previous employers?

There’s a phrase dominating recruitment headlines at the minute, and that phrase is “boomerang employees.” But, what does this mean? And how can employers use this to their advantage when planning tech recruitment strategies for 2022? For the last few months, data showed that more people were resigning from their jobs than ever before, which […]

Retaining tech talent in your startup and reducing employee turnover

When you’re a startup, the candidate-driven market creates more talent acquisition and retention challenges than most businesses. With so many companies competing for the same technical talent, it’s increasingly difficult for growing businesses to match salary offers and the reputation of large-scale enterprises. As a result, tech candidates are in high demand are probably being contacted by recruiters every day. These tech candidates are tempted by these “sexy” offerings with high salaries or impressive names to add to their resumes. With so little available talent, your existing teams are more likely to be enticed by these offers. Can you really afford to lose your best developers, data scientists and tech talent?

In a scaling business, your teams make or break you. It would help if you were surrounded by dedicated people who are passionate about your mission. However, in a tech business, you also need key skills and knowledge to innovate and grow your offering. Therefore, any loss of staff is felt more deeply than in a large-scale enterprise, and therefore attrition is more of a threat to smaller businesses.

Is employee wellbeing becoming the ultimate work perk?

Over the last year, the world of work has been at a standstill, and it’s allowed employers to look at their employer brand and EVP more carefully. As a result, they’ve been able to take a step back and assess what is truly important to their people. This has led to a benefit rethink across a whole range of industries, and now it seems many are promoting employee wellbeing and mental health.

The Future of Remote Work: What Can We Expect?

Everyone is talking about the future of work and whether we will end up back in the office full time ever again. This has been a huge talking point for a long time because employees are proving that they can be more efficient and successful working from their own homes rather than spending time and […]