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EVP trends you should be looking out for post-COVID

With COVID-19 having huge impacts on all aspects of the workplace, it’s no surprise that it’s also affecting what employees want from an employer. Employee value propositions will have to adjust to ensure they meet changing mindsets and expectations of both candidates and existing employees. Before the outbreak of COVID-19, experts predicted that 2020 was […]

Exploring Creative Research Methods and Their Role in Refining your EVP

We’ve been talking a lot about refining your employee value proposition and subsequent employer brand during the current climate so that you can relate to top candidates when you’re ready to hire. However, it’s impossible to shape your EVP without an informed idea of what candidates and employees are thinking. Right now, attitudes and circumstances […]

How Startups Can Stand Out During The COVID-19 Crisis

The current climate has created an unpredictable landscape for many businesses which has meant recruiting talent has had to take a back foot. Many companies are trying to navigate a challenging time financially and are having to make huge decisions regarding the future of their staff. Startup businesses are not immune to these problems, and […]

Our Takeaways from the CIPD Conference

The CIPD hosted its 70th annual conference and exhibition last week in Manchester. The CIPD conference is the largest HR event in the UK and attracts over 4000 attendees each year. The theme this year was all about embracing the new world of work and focussed on the major shifts that are currently affecting organisations, […]

Unlimited Holidays – Too good to be true?

An unlimited holiday allowance is not a new phenomenon but up until recently it was a benefit which was rarely found outside of Silicon Valley tech companies. Although most companies offering this benefit are US-based, companies such as digital agency VisualSoft, social media agency Social Chain and technology platform JustPark are leading the way in […]

Beyond the Purple Unicorn

The Purple Unicorn used to be how Talent Acquisition leaders described the unique challenges they faced in finding talent. It’s no longer simply the case that talent is rare. More and more companies know how to find those purple unicorns – and many of them are deploying incredibly sophisticated search, tracking and selection systems to […]

Multi-gen workplaces: A blessing or a curse?

We were recently featured in Impact, the magazine for the largest community of research, insight, analytics and marketing sciences professionals. Our Gen Up research was spotted and we were contacted to share our findings and feature in the magazine. Below is an excerpt from the featured article.  A workplace with employees ranging from 18-to 67-year-olds- […]

A Night at the Onrec Awards

We attended the Onrec Awards last week at The Grange Hotel, St Pauls. The event was a real celebration of the wide-ranging Online Recruitment Industry. Credit and acknowledgement was given to successes, talent and innovation. The event was extremely inspiring and it was great to see such a variety of companies and prominent figures in […]

The rules of engagement

To better attract and engage the young, employers need to tap into the millennial start-up culture and trade in millennial currencies, so says Samantha Bond of Northstar Research writing in the International Journal of Market Research. Northstar recently conducted a study exploring the appeal and mentality of millennial start-up culture, which suggests that failure on […]

The importance of making good communication easy

“Employees can experience an increase in morale, productivity and commitment if they are able to communicate up and down the communication chain in an organization” – Jennifer Lombardo, Business Ethics at Study.com Good communication in the workplace is key – whether that’s briefing a piece of work, delivering team news, or updating the company on the annual performance. The […]