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Should I honour remote working post-Covid-19?

As the coronavirus pandemic led to working from home on a national scale following direct instructions to do so as a result of the Covid-19 public health emergency, working remotely slowly transitioned into the new norm. As this rocked the boat of recruitment agencies worldwide, offering long-term home working and remote working opportunities became essential […]

Why now is the time to prepare for going back to work

By now, working from home feels pretty standard. We’ve all getting used to commutes down the stairs, video meetings, and drinking our own coffee. While returning to the office may feel quite far away, it’s still a burning question for many employees and, as you begin to hire and ramp up your recruitment efforts, it’s […]

How to Engage Remote Employees: Strategies Backed by Research

Our latest guest blog by Sam McRyan explores how to keep engage remote employees and enhance the employee experience, especially during the second wave of Coronavirus: In recent years we have seen a rise in remote workers across all industries. COVID-19 has also contributed to increased numbers of people who work from home. But, why […]

Establishing a physical presence through virtual communication

During the Covid-19 pandemic when core workplaces and key contributors to the local economy were instructed to work from home where possible to comply with public health guidance, establishing a virtual presence to connect with colleagues made business continuity possible. By continuing the physical relationship from the traditional workplace through virtual means in a remote […]

How To Be A Better Remote Teammate

Some remote teams have worked on complex projects across multiple time zones, and many of have never even met. Some have different languages, different skill sets, and different favourite programming languages. So how do they make it work? Communication, strong processes, excelling in our zones, using the right tools, and having a little bit of […]

Preparing Your Business for Localised Lockdowns

Just as we were all preparing to enter the new normal, the threat of localised lockdowns has become a real worry for business leaders everywhere. In the UK we’ve seen Leicester go into a localised lockdown. With outbreaks of Coronavirus in other cities, employers everywhere should be watching the news with bated breath if they […]

7 Ways to Help Your Employees Avoid “Work-From-Home” Burnout

For many businesses, as well as their employees, remote work offers a lot of flexibility and freedom. But, It is not all sunshine. Remote work is not a dream come true to all employees, especially for those who had to haphazardly pivot to teleworking because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote work comes with many concerns […]