How to navigate graduate hiring in a competitive market

With competition for talent fiercer than ever as we enter a candidate-driven market, many business leaders are realising that graduates could be the key to solving recruitment challenges. This means that this talent pool will soon be the target for many companies trying to fill essential skills gaps, and the graduates within it will quickly be snapped up. Therefore, graduate hiring is bound to see an uptake. However, to be ahead of the game and ensure that your scaling tech business can attract the best graduate talent, you need to have a strategic approach to hiring and tailor your talent acquisition efforts to this particular audience.

Could TikTok be the future of graduate and apprenticeship recruitment?

TikTok is taking over, that’s undeniable. Throughout 2020 it seems everyone has been joining in with challenges, learning dance routines and finding themselves lost in the TikTok bubble for hours on end. So, we’re asking, could TikTok help your future recruitment efforts? Let’s be honest; you’d be forgiven if you thought TikTok isn’t really a […]