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There’s a Measurement Problem in Recruitment Marketing, and We Need to Solve It

Many talent acquisition professionals think that the role of recruitment marketing is to fill the job role and little else. However, this couldn’t be less true. Just like consumer marketing, digital campaigns can give you a vast amount of insight into your potential candidates and talent pool. You can create innovative and more intelligent strategies with the knowledge these campaigns provide, and the tools are ready to be used, as consumer marketing teams have been using them for the last decade. It seems it’s the mindset surrounding recruitment marketing that needs to alter.

Are Passive Tech Candidates the Secret to Tech Recruitment Success?

In the tech sector there are more opportunities for candidates than ever before but may need to be faced with the right one to make a move. By reaching passive candidates while the recruitment market is so hot, you could open their eyes to a brilliant opportunity and find talent who feels as passionately about your brand and mission as you do.

9 Questions We’re Frequently Asked About Recruitment Marketing

We specialise in recruitment marketing campaigns. Whether it’s helping scaling companies raise their employer brand amongst tech candidates or using social media and digital platforms to generate leads, recruitment marketing is one of the things we do best. Candidates, whatever the industry, are likely to spend a lot of time online. Let’s face it, we […]

Top Recruitment SEO Tips You Should Be Following Today

As the majority of tech candidates use Google to find their next position, recruitment search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential. Without SEO, attracting clients and candidates will always be an uphill struggle. Why should recruiters care about recruitment SEO? The purpose of search engine optimisation is to get your website ranked based on algorithms. There […]

Why tech companies should treat recruitment as a new product launch

When considering recruitment, it’s very easy for businesses to fall into the same trap of repeated patterns: leaning on the same advertising platforms, job boards and relying on company reputation or existing networks to attract the top candidates. However, as we keep saying, the tech recruitment landscape is fierce right now when it comes to […]