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How is the tech recruitment landscape changing?

We’ve talked a lot about how the tech recruitment landscape has been changing recently. We all know that hiring tech talent is now highly competitive, with more and more companies, both tech native and not, competing for the same skillsets and experience. As a result, great tech talent is being swept up incredibly quickly, and it’s causing many challenges for scaling businesses that do not have the advantage of a big name or reputation to tempt talent their way.
However, what does a competitive market actually mean? It’s one thing for us to keep stressing that the market is changing and growing increasingly competitive, but how does it affect those searching for talent? As we have many recruitment experts in-house who spend their time navigating the tech talent landscape and speaking with leading scale-ups about talent acquisition challenges, we decided to ask them about the everyday difficulties they’re seeing.

Why does the language you use in job ads matter?

In a candidate-driven market, tech employers cannot afford to lose quality candidates at the application stage simply because they used jargon or biased language. Therefore, getting the language right in your job adverts could be a vital part of ensuring you attract suitable tech candidates.

Are Passive Tech Candidates the Secret to Tech Recruitment Success?

In the tech sector there are more opportunities for candidates than ever before but may need to be faced with the right one to make a move. By reaching passive candidates while the recruitment market is so hot, you could open their eyes to a brilliant opportunity and find talent who feels as passionately about your brand and mission as you do.

6 Tips for Hiring the Right Tech Talent In a Candidate Driven Market

The last 18 months have completely shifted the world of recruitment. To say it’s been turned on its head would be an understatement. Skills that were once in huge demand suddenly become less desirable almost overnight, and tech knowledge and qualifications have been growing in demand ever since. Entire industries have had to change the […]

Why data science can’t fix tech recruitment’s biggest problem

Data science and machine learning are taking over almost every industry you can imagine. We’re finding ways to automate processes, and machines really are coming for a lot of our jobs. In many industries, data science is being hailed as the future of work and the secret to revolutionising how employees manage their daily tasks; […]

What’s the difference between an EVP and Employer Brand?

For those new to the world of talent acquisition, whether your business is just beginning to scale or you’re new to a recruitment role yourself, the industry can be a minefield. There are so many terms to get to grips with and buzzwords that talent professionals will use so often we forget that people may […]