Introduction Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO, is a recruitment model designed to be highly flexible and scalable. It allows businesses to outsource their recruitment efforts, making it an ideal choice for growing or scaling businesses. Differences between RPO and other recruitment models RPO is one of many recruitment models. There are a number of different […]

RPO recruitment

What is RPO? RPO is the abbreviation for Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Simply put, RPO is when you use an external provider for parts of your recruitment. This means handing over parts of, or all of your recruitment processes to a third party. It is typically a more efficient method of recruitment than others. The providers […]

RPO, in-house and embedded recruitment

Which type of recruitment is best for your organisation? There are several an organisation can choose from – we’re going to focus on Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), In-house and Embedded Recruitment. Embedded recruitment: Embedded recruitment is where recruiters are placed within an organisation to represent them effectively in the talent market. As a process, it’s […]

Five scenarios where you may need to outsource recruitment support

When you’re a talent acquisition specialist, bringing in external help is a huge decision, and there can often be a bit of a stigma attached to it. Many believe that outsourcing recruitment or asking for the help of an RPO provider creates the connotation that your existing talent function isn’t working and that you need help to do your job. However, enlisting an RPO agency to work as a recruitment partner is a strategic way of finding this support without making permanent or hard to reverse decisions. In many cases, it’s a more cost effective and intelligent way of solving talent acquisition challenges.

Talent Works and KCoe Isom Launch New Campaign to Meet Accelerated Growth Demands

Talent Works is working with KCoe Isom hiring managers to meet the accelerated demand of roles to support tax and accounting requirements for every part of the agriculture industry. KCoe Isom is expanding in many of its locations, including Fresno, Jackson, Kansas City, Nashville and Wichita. Talent Works and KCoe Isom are building a flexible and resilient talent acquisition strategy designed to appeal to those wanting a better work-life balance while working for a top 100 leader in the space.

On and Off Hiring: How to Use Hiring Downtime To Your Advantage

In the growth stages, there can be pressure to maintain your hiring momentum to demonstrate your success. Hiring more people means more demand for your services, which means your business is thriving. However, as a growing business, you cannot hire all the time. There isn’t the capacity, and there isn’t always the demand to hire new roles. Hiring freezes are sometimes essential as your business progresses.
When done strategically, freezing or pausing hiring can create much-needed breathing space for your HR teams which can help give your business a competitive edge. Especially in today’s competitive talent market, you can be caught up in the rat race of recruitment, trying to bring in qualified candidates as quickly as possible regardless of their cultural fit or expectations. Aspects of the hiring process and employee experience often get lost or overlooked during intense hiring periods, so giving yourself time and resources to reflect and evaluate these processes could help refine your hiring process. Instead of recruiting quickly and without a real strategy, you can ensure you’re planning ahead for future hires, creating better experiences for new and existing employees and build a more tactical approach to hiring, which will set you ahead of the competition.

How to know if a tech RPO provider is a good fit for you?

An RPO provider who is a good fit for your business can help you scale, build your employer brand awareness, and take your business from strength to strength. They can free up your existing HR teams or leaders and work together to scale your business successfully by acting as a strategic partner, offering guidance and advice. However, the wrong provider can lead to higher recruitment costs and a lot of pressure on your existing HR function.

So, when it comes to the RFP stage, and you have various RPO providers pitching for your partnership, how can you tell whether they’ll be a good fit for you or not? It’s very hard in the middle of a presentation to know what a company will be like to work with and whether they will be a strong addition to your team.Here are some questions we think you should ask yourself during the RFP stage and beyond. You can save yourself time, recruitment costs, and stress from an unsuccessful partnership by asking these before you decide on your RPO provider. Then, you can be confident in the knowledge that the RPO provider you have chosen will have your best interests at heart and help your scaling tech business to be surrounded by talent.

6 Outsourcing Myths About Tech Recruitment That Need Busting

RPO is an effective solution that is perfect for businesses of all sizes. These recruitment specialists put your business at the heart of everything they do, taking the time to understand your culture and needs, enabling them to act as a trusted, strategic recruitment partner. Unlike those agencies who want to make a hire and move onto the next role for financial gain, RPO agencies care about your mission and enjoy a longstanding relationship. While they could be more costly, the results speak for themselves with higher quality candidates, reduced turnover and even faster hiring times.

Managing Data Compliance when Working with an RPO provider

In the world of tech recruitment, as we all rely more on technology to manage applications and support the recruitment process, there are large amounts of personal data to contend with. With a rise in digital attraction and the vast majority of job applications now occurring online, recruitment is becoming a data hot spot. As […]

Does outsourcing tech recruitment require a six-figure budget?

When you think of outsourcing tech recruitment, you may imagine quite an expensive undertaking if you wish for the project to succeed. After all, recruitment can often be a costly endeavour whether you carry it out in-house or outsource to a contingent recruitment agency or RPO provider. Advertising vacancies, sourcing candidates, taking the time out […]