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Does tech talent need a traditional degree?

Times are changing, and the fact we’re all embracing tech more could work in favour of scaling tech businesses looking to recruit talent. As we all use technology daily, we are becoming quite savvy, and younger generations especially are more acquainted with technology than ever before. They’re naturals! There are also more ways than ever to develop skills, especially tech skillsets, which are no longer seen as an elitist or inaccessible skill, with online learning platforms and non-traditional education taking over.

Therefore, we’re asking whether talent really needs a traditional Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree to succeed in the tech industry? Or is there another way to give talented people opportunities without the expensive and inaccessible background?

Well, the truth is that with the race for tech talent so tight, scaling businesses need to look for talent elsewhere, or they’ll simply never hire. If they wish to grow their business, changing attitudes around tech skills and opening up a more diverse talent pool when it comes to experience could be the key to recruitment success.

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