The yearly round up – the 2018 edition

Last year was a big one for Talent Works. We won new clients, moved into new offices and taken on lots of new people. Let’s grab a cup of tea and take a look at what we got up to in 2018. After all, it’s been a pretty good year. We got creative with Asahi […]

A guide to blind recruitment

What is Blind Recruitment? Blind recruitment refers to the removal of personal and identifiable information from a job application or CV. It is used to overcome unconscious bias and promote diversity in the workplace. By utilising blind recruitment, details of the candidate’s gender, ethnic background, age and quality of education can be removed, depending on […]

Beyond the Purple Unicorn

The Purple Unicorn used to be how Talent Acquisition leaders described the unique challenges they faced in finding talent. It’s no longer simply the case that talent is rare. More and more companies know how to find those purple unicorns – and many of them are deploying incredibly sophisticated search, tracking and selection systems to […]

The Future of Recruitment: Sourcing talent in the digital age

Recruitment has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Traditionally, the only way to recruit new talent was advertising on open job boards or posting an ad in the newspaper, heavily relying on face-to-face applications to assess candidates. Fast forward a few years, new technologies and an evolution in candidate behaviour means this has all […]