Tech recruitment tips for bringing the best STEM talent to your startup

Today is National STEM Day, a day that celebrates science, technology, engineering and mathematics. As we all know, the demand for STEM talent is high. Graduates from these subjects get swept up incredibly quickly, but more and more employers are realising the value in their skills, creating a huge skills gap. With big-name tech companies having the advantage of reputation when it comes to STEM talent attraction, startups are often left behind even though they have so much to offer.
The demand for technical talent like data scientists, engineers and more is not expected to slow down any time soon. This means startups in particular need to work hard if they wish to attract the STEM talent they need to grow their business and meet the demand for their products and services. Growth cannot be put on hold, and talent is required for business success.

Why it’s time for startups to challenge the tech recruitment status quo

usinesses are uniquely positioned to try something new and break the mould when finding and attracting talent. Without established HR teams and protocols in place, startups have agility and flexibility that can be used to their advantage in talent acquisition efforts. Due to the nature of the business, they’re almost expected to try something new. Experimentation and trying something new could really help them to stand out against the crowd of job advertisements being posted every day. Whether it’s experimenting with digital talent attraction campaigns, updating your candidate experience for a virtual world or even using a more data-driven approach to hiring, there are many innovative tactics out there to improve your recruitment strategy for a startup bold enough to try them.

The five biggest hiring challenges for startups right now and how to solve them

ght now isn’t easy. It’s incredibly competitive, and candidates are in control. Everyone is on the hunt for the same talent, looking in the same places and competing for the same individuals. Even established businesses are having trouble attracting talent. With so many current opportunities for candidates, many companies are being left behind. Then there’s the issue that employers are pulling out all the stops to hold on to their existing talent, as they know the recruitment market is so competitive; it will be damaging to lose them.
have a lot on your plate, and recruiting talent in the current climate will only add to this pressure.
mselves with relevant and exceptional talent. Therefore, we’re rounding up some of the biggest hiring challenges that startup businesses are currently facing and how to solve them.

Tips for hiring the initial team for a corporate-backed startup

tial team members is one of the most crucial moves that a startup can make; these people come with a lot of influence and power over the future of your business. Therefore, you must get it right. However, you may not have experience recruiting. Entrepreneurs are ideas people, and innovators, so hiring may not be something you’ve thought about or had experience with.

How to recruit senior roles for your scaleup with limited resources

Senior hires must be taken seriously, as not only are they expensive, but they can also have a huge effect on your business. Senior employees can change the dynamics of a business entirely. Each will have their own management styles, which will set the culture at least within their team. While it’s not an easy task to find the right one, when you do, they can make a huge difference to your business.
So, how can you ensure that your startup is in contention for the hottest senior tech talent when competition is so high? How can you ensure that your senior roles are filled by the right person, not just an available person?

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